Tricks that fail

A fine chocolate cake awaits
With magic candles,
Those will lit themselves
Even if you blow them out,
Tiny hands, claps – with
A silvery tiara and waving of a wand
I brace the clasps of sorcery
From a young witch

Blessed and proud a father
I pick her wand
When she is asleep
& try to write L O V E in thin air,
As if all the bad blood
From this world,
Will be expunged in a whiff

Even if all my tricks fail
every year, doesn’t mean
I should n’t try.

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Back to school

Back to school

Back to school

Blue and white uniform, we marched out
in gallant boots,
Happy that this is the end
Tyranny of teachers
and exams,
Test of patience – memory
Crushed with numbers, facts
Obstinate for authorities
We romped – no more books
That we don’t want to read,
No more walls,
Pink Floid started
Pouring music to our ears
Progressive and
Mind-bending – who needs
a classroom anyway?
Never did we think, we’re
Walking into a bigger school,
No more tests after lessons
But lifelong lessons
After tests – and yes,
One day, much to our surprise,
We’ll all return, in tiny steps
Glossy books and twinkling eyes
Eager to read
Worldful of

Gabriella has us write stories of going back to school. Hope you’d like to join us on Dversepoets. Door open at 3 PM EST. The photo is from Hyderabad where I joined a street event with my little one.


IMG_20150517_170633I have this quirky cravings
These days
Sometimes sweet,
Sometimes sour –
Even bitter.

Some days are bizzare
You give me a hard time,
To figure out
What the urge
Really is.

However, you seem to have
a liking for
ball games,
Your feet – they’re fast,
round and tiny, and
You have some really
Sleeping pattern.

Yet when you take
eensy-weensy walk
Along inner midriff
at 2am, you make me
The mother, I always
Wanted to be.

I have written mostly about my daughter and very little on my wife. This is a piece where I bring them together. Originally asked by Anthony on his poetics earlier this week, but I couldn’t finish in time. Here I am linking this to OLN.
The sketch is done by Reetam Banerjee.

Johny ate all the sugar


Today I am a fountain of colors, a bundle of joy
Apple of your eyes
Tomorrow moon, may be
And then stars.

Every day, I grow a millimeter daddy,
A millimeter
That you can’t see
Or measure, like I gain a
Grain of mischief,
You won’t like to believe.

You trick me papa
By hiding
The twinkle stars
Behind cloud,
Or so you say.

When the puppy woofs at me
I don’t feel scared,
I just want to hug you,
You are my Humpty –

And Johny ate all the sugar, papa
Not me
Why can’t you find him
And see his mouth?

Mary has us write beautiful poetry and I chose to write about the greatest joy of my life, my daughter Rupu – who started her kindergarten earlier this month and came back home with her first rhyme.

Join us to read some wonderful poetry.

Oh! my Alice~

You think I am too small?
Not old enough to crawl
Towards the rabbit hole,
Of unforeseen creatures;
A premonition of disaster
You have, don’t you?

Scared, as you may be
I am not,
I am yet to see the world,
A world is calling me
At the end of a tunnel,
Not long, not far away-
I can hear a humming all the time.

There goes a rabbit, it talks
It talks as like you,
Keeps a pocket watch;
Oh! That cat on the wall
The doves, the squirrel, the robin
They are all conspiring something in the backyard,
Why don’t you let me go?

You think Alice was braver?
Well – I am braver by far,
You think I am too small?
It’s only a matter of time
To get a bite of the magic cake,
And I will be a big girl, in a blink
Will you let me find my wonderland, daddy?

I am writing this poem for dverserpoets club on poetics. Today we have a wonderful theme – either write about pre-Christmas Advent or Alice in wonderland. Ever since I became a father of a beautiful daughter last year, I have been thinking that she is no less an adventure lover. So here goes my entry on poetics, thinking about what she has to say to me everyday. Hope you like it. Do participate on poetics and read some wonderful poetry. Now here is a photo of my inspiration, Rupu – who completed one year and a month yesterday.
Her first stand


As far as eyes can see, there’s dust along the skyline
An impeccable layer of synthetic fog
Encroaching the last of blue canopy
As man-made toxins are blending into fresh air.

Our food and future is being manufactured by machines
Somewhere crimes are happening in darkness, or
The costliest treasure of womanhood
Is being ransacked in broad daylight, somewhere.

Faces like masks are letting their presence known
As enemies, once up close –
Extending their hands for our neck,
As starvation, hatred or languish.

With each passing moment
The city is getting filthy and gloomy
Far from the beacon of hope and love
It used to be in my nascent youth.

Yet only thinking about you is making my day,
Sleeplessly waiting to see you from a distance
Or, loving you unconditionally
Secretly, or wide open, without knowing.

There are so many mysteries are around you
Wrapping you in the safest world of comfort,
You are not only growing in the womb of your mother,
But also in my imagination, my child.

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