Of alleway and polestars

Sensuality Tonight on Meeting the bar, Brian has us write on senses other than sight and this is where I am. Oh! and these are micro poetry as well Рconfined to the world of 140 characters each.






Is that you?
Gruff hands
Digging nails
discovering my alley
Where are your clothes?
Oh satin, pearl, ice

Sweet despair
Come let us be sin


What happened to the days?
Is it the new moon?
Where are the stars then?
Want to see them
At least the polestar
They’re only raping me

After using the theme of sensory deprivation on a sensual context of gratification, I couldn’t help writing about the other side of the coin – what it this was used for an abuse? A theme on which I have written once before here. The second one is an ode to a young girl who was kept captive for a few days before she was found by her family.

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A perennial destiny

Lotus for sale


Drizzle water on me, yes
I look pristine
Grace of your house in a pot
Uprooted stem
Wither to death?
Drizzle some more water
As if it’s life


Deity, blessings
Love, fortune

Oh! my lotus
Epitome of grace
You live beyond motif

Don’t dry, you shall sell dearly

On Dversepoets poetics, Shanyn has us write micro poetry inspired by macro photography. Those who know me, need no telling that photography is my second poetry. Hope you like my contribution to the prompt. Lotus is also the national flower in India and has a great significance in Hindu and Buddhist philosophy. You can read the work of others who participated from this link.

Simplicity lived and bygone

Bird of same feather


I won’t stand at your grave with white flowers and mourn,
Attend your funeral
Or accept you’re really gone, as long as it takes to sink in


I grew up in a country where Hindus and Muslims
Are more animus than belief
You told me, children to the same father, we’re all the same


You weren’t an educated man, toiled in a factory for wage
Yet finest of open minds
Is how you’ll live, footprints on sand, of a young me.


I might have made fun of you, but in laughter when you said
Men and women – are all there to race
Is the true learning I’ll live with.


Who are you to me? Not a father, brother, uncle, friend
Beyond name or stars you live today
Complete or forsake me – you’ve done both today

I came to know yesterday morning that he passed away. Being a Muslim, he had substantially great learning of Hindu scriptures and had a surprisingly simple explanation of everything. As a young boy, I learnt the true meaning of harmony from him. He was a man of perfectly sound health. Ever since I heard the news, I am just not able to accept it. My beloved uncle, please have my respect, may your simple words illuminate where there is darkness.

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