When we kiss~

When We Kiss Reetam

When we kiss, we
Feel warmth in cold
And zestful in fatigue;
We don’t descry
Uncouth blemishes-
Vice of lechery.

When we kiss, our
Eyes close ineluctably
Breathing perpetuates;
Assault, abuse, deception
Are not the words
We see the
The world spell.

When we kiss, our
Arms entwine neck;
While someone
Somewhere resort
To money, or coerce
Their way to libido.

Come what atrocities may,
Four lips tell a tale-
Often prelude to an
Abysmal journey,
Where two bodies
Fuse into one, and
Nothing else matters.

There is always this other side
Of the coin,
When we kiss,
Heaven is right here.

Claudia has us write layered poetry. I have used an idea on which I started long back and following her suggestions I created the layers.
Photography : Reetam Banerjee

Johny ate all the sugar


Today I am a fountain of colors, a bundle of joy
Apple of your eyes
Tomorrow moon, may be
And then stars.

Every day, I grow a millimeter daddy,
A millimeter
That you can’t see
Or measure, like I gain a
Grain of mischief,
You won’t like to believe.

You trick me papa
By hiding
The twinkle stars
Behind cloud,
Or so you say.

When the puppy woofs at me
I don’t feel scared,
I just want to hug you,
You are my Humpty –

And Johny ate all the sugar, papa
Not me
Why can’t you find him
And see his mouth?

Mary has us write beautiful poetry and I chose to write about the greatest joy of my life, my daughter Rupu – who started her kindergarten earlier this month and came back home with her first rhyme.

Join us to read some wonderful poetry.


IMG-20150222-WA0001You thought, you started a fire
That cannot die
I thought ocean was unfathomable

– it isn’t
Incessant rain
May be truth,
At some part of the world,
Perpetual love isn’t

You can rive my forehead
And mark me with
Vermillion *
On my hair parting,
To instigate your libido
I will inscribe my own heart

If needed, every day
As it beats on,
Don’t want to stumble upon someone
And repent, I didn’t have a moment with him

My aeon dwindles to moments,
…..You wouldn’t understand
………………Not today,
……………………….Not ever.

Tonight on Dversepoets Poetics, Anthony has us write confessions – about personal truths that are louder than ever. I had to borrow the narrative of a very good friend, who has not only shared her views with me but her new tattoo as well. I dedicate this poem to her.

* Sindoor (vermilion) is the mark of a married woman in Hinduism. There are two interpretations of it – one it increases libido and secondly it is a tradition by which men used to mark their women, after conquering them. I don not know which is true for this tradition.


Runic Inscriptions

Alone they are bare, derelict, hollow
A consummation of your life’s tears.

Words, such magical creatures
When found in an old notebook,
Change course of life.

Tucked them away in the old cupboard
Didn’t you – dad?
Thought that will keep them from the world, but me?

In the attic you left more for me than you think
Or, I’ll ever admit
Yellow, torn pages, genes, poetry.

I am linking this poem to Dversepoets Poetics, on the theme of “evolving as a poet”. When I was a young boy, I discovered poetry written by my father and took to writing. So literally an afternoon when I found his diary while playing attic, changed the course of my life. Hope you like it. Join in to read some wonderful poetry.

Oh! I hope you’ll like the song and see why I added it.

Of love, tenderness and little things – 2

After I wrote Of love, tenderness and little things, I always wanted to write the same poem using the narrative of a woman. Here it is. I am linking this poem to OpenLinkNight on DVersepoets. Please join to read some wonderful poetry.

Love Hate

# 1
Walk tip toes and
Wrap that blanket over,
Cuddling on the couch
In cold of night –
I’d know,
Am not alone in my dreams.


Peep out of the newspaper
Make those faces
Funny, ridiculed or upset;
Sipping at the mug of coffee and morning news
Bitter, frothy –
The awful coffee you make,
I don’t really see
Why I relish that every drop of it
Or why that cream lingers on my lips.


Calm afternoon, still as water,
Is my world of Doppler effects
Sharp cry in the neighborhood
Hooting of birds
Stranger down the street,
Very serene –
Why do I love it to be shattered
By you sudden few seconds call?


You haven’t taken me to a theater
In a long time,
You don’t have to –
Perturb me,
Like a pebble does to a quiet lake
Looking at the waves on water
I’d know we can never be apart.

P.S. – Doppler effect is the phenomenon of changing frequency for moving sounds. Read here if you are interested.

Photo Credits: Reetam Banerjee

From here to eternity

Tonight at Meeting The Bar, Brian wants us to write stories in poetry that should have 5 key elements – Setting, Plot, Character, Conflict, and Theme. Here is one I had written sometimes back and reworked upon. The character names are typical Indian names because I needed to be familiar with them to write it. The photo used was taken by me sometime back in London, when I saw a group of Egyptian activists and I felt would suit my story. No more description. Hope you enjoy reading.

With protest from Egypt

Nikhilesh wrote a letter on a piece of ornate paper
Cursive, calligraphic words danced their heart out,
Graceful yet courteous they were, before
Ashalata crumpled the paper and threw it away
Rather heartlessly; He had no reason to take them back.

Ritu came across the paper on her way to class
Not meant for her, she sensed, but rescued all the same
Folded neatly among the thriller she was reading-
The letter lived years as a bookmark, till
Anish found it, and precisely the words
He couldn’t say to Ritu, now married and gone.

Vinay could only order a bouquet for a gorgeous Akansha
Not a verse to go with his mood or demeanour
Till Anish read out an old letter to him;
Re-printed on cursive fonts now, the old words
Read to a happy Akansha, blissful nuptial promises
Little did it matter to her who composed them.

What Nikhilesh once wrote for Ashalata
Were not mere words; not failure, forlorn
Like pheromone they came to life, love and fragrance
From here to eternity, life was becoming a poetry, again.

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