Spelling secrets


writerI met her here – on this floor
didn’t see her face
the first time,
only heard her speak – once

Words – just words
waving, floating
into the folds of dress
and shivers misspelled

then I saw her
not eye to eye
but secretly,
spoke of sin
a sweet lust
and her delicate composure

Yes, I met her right here
and spoke to her
one of those days
pushing the
Herculean stone-some
qualms away~

We spoke and
words traveled
through ocean-currents
across lands and mountains
as we painted the moon
some clouds and bliss

Then one day
I admitted love and
realized – I wasn’t the only one
and I fell in love
with her

and again and again
till I got the hang of it

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Shallow thrills permeate anew
& beads of sweat
Emancipate taste.

Words aren’t eternity,
To outlive your smile or
Knickknacks you wore, to
Epitome of poise-

Past ain’t a restraint to curb you
Just the salt is treacherous
Lingers on lips, lasting
Ever after.

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Tricks that fail

A fine chocolate cake awaits
With magic candles,
Those will lit themselves
Even if you blow them out,
Tiny hands, claps – with
A silvery tiara and waving of a wand
I brace the clasps of sorcery
From a young witch

Blessed and proud a father
I pick her wand
When she is asleep
& try to write L O V E in thin air,
As if all the bad blood
From this world,
Will be expunged in a whiff

Even if all my tricks fail
every year, doesn’t mean
I should n’t try.

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Rudiments of separation


Rudiments of separation

The stage is set – a
picturesque station, a
sizzling steam engine –
All you have to do is
Board the train and
Wave your hands;
so that our endless banter
can fade with its
transient whistles;
Easy, albeit remains a fantasy
No, you don’t have to trace
your finger on lips,
that almost got cut
when we kissed,
Pick your clothes
silently, leave with a
creak of the door
Wearing my scent, sweat.
If you wish to bid good bye
Say it like you mean it,
You’ve more vitality than
the dying river; that
Leaves its sludge
At every bend; although
that alluvium is very fertile,
It is hardly fecund.

Say good bye, like there’s no brooding over.

After a long time I have not written for any prompt – just something on my own. I feel very let down today and there is no other medium that could paint my sadness. May be I will link up to OLN later this week.

Kasia & Zieleń (excerpt)


Kasia & Zieleń

Kasia Zieleń
My heart is frozen in dread –
am I strong enough
to reach you?
I look to the mountains
and see the storm
– purple
– boiling

I look to the woodlands
and see the canopy
– emerald
– darkening
but my first step is taken
and I will not turn back

I want to feel you again –
I want to free you from your hell –
and it is a treacherous road
in quartz and granite teeth
that lunges at my ankles –
but the woodlands will shield me

I will fight my way
to the woodland peak
where the mourning dove
waits for the evening rain –
already I feel your touch
in the gusts
that announce the rain
your spirit will guide me

as I climb you lead me –
as I climb you free me –

Do you look back, ever?
How do you know –
you haven’t reached? What if
I am standing next to you
and you pass me by,
Take those barks
As my camouflage

Tea-berries on the carpet
Of your fairytale walk
An exotic kingdom
Brews the heavenly scent
Of earth; Do you
dither for a moment?

How do you know –
You are not looking at me?
Those baby pines
At your feet, or
Green and wrinkled
Skin, the oak wears
Home to nomad ferns

Listen to your heartbeat
For a moment, your
Short gasps for breath
I am here, with you
To see me, you need to
Let it go, let it all go
Unclad yourself

Give me the purer you
Pristine, unadulterated
Au naturel
Now, don’t be so scarlet with shame

I am linking this to OLN – an excerpt from my duet with Kasia (she  asked me to keep her identity secret). Zieleń is Polish for verdure /greenery and Kasia means Pure.  Photo Credits : Reetam Banerjee.


IMG_20150517_170633I have this quirky cravings
These days
Sometimes sweet,
Sometimes sour –
Even bitter.

Some days are bizzare
You give me a hard time,
To figure out
What the urge
Really is.

However, you seem to have
a liking for
ball games,
Your feet – they’re fast,
round and tiny, and
You have some really
Sleeping pattern.

Yet when you take
eensy-weensy walk
Along inner midriff
at 2am, you make me
The mother, I always
Wanted to be.

I have written mostly about my daughter and very little on my wife. This is a piece where I bring them together. Originally asked by Anthony on his poetics earlier this week, but I couldn’t finish in time. Here I am linking this to OLN.
The sketch is done by Reetam Banerjee.