Love tales

Urge is a skin, and love?
the flesh underneath;
A facade is desires
Sauntering the brain;
Call it letter, gift, seduction
whatsoever –

Lust is a sweat, and hands
Bonds, heftier than ever,
Fingers? Truce
But silence between us?
– eloquence.

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Man, woman & sin

I was walking, in raincoat
And she showed up
In the balcony,
Scantily clad
Eager, restless
– Even hummed a few words.

I pulled my hood against the wind, covering my ears
It was heavily pouring in,
The mellow afternoon sky
Darkened and
Came to my city.

The sky roared, few glimpses of bolts
Splitting a leaden sky,
The wind
Caused raindrops
Change course, and
Fell on her bare legs.

Raindrops carried short-lived cold, yet
I struggled a bit
Inside the heavy rubber-fabric,
She gasped,
“Wish you were here~”

The sound of rain
Cut her short,
Those drizzles wetting her face,
And a charmed droplet
Fell down from her chin
On her cleavage
To descend further,
Shivering her.

Come monsoon, I’d rather
Be that fresh crop
On paddy fields,
And soak relentlessly
Than trapped inside
a raincoat, and so would she
Be a woman, baring herself to rain on the porch,
Than the houseplant
On my balcony.

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Can we go there, brother?

Today we may have
An esoteric wall,
Amid bloodline.

Today we may have
A desert
Between us,
insurmountable, that one.

Still what we share is
More than a photo
or that scar
On the right knee.

And there will always be
A sweet tooth,
Or dad’s old diary

We are more akin, than
We’d like to believe,
For the same road
Will always take us home.

Today on Dversepoets pub, our guest bartender Jennifer has write us about brotherhood. Please join us to read some wonderful poetry.


A win-win story

Love Hate

Dusk or dawn, they smile upon
Make a world or build a throne,
Bitter-sweet, borrow-lend
Story of a clock, fence to mend;
Near & far, girl or a boy
Closing hands are bit of a coy
Bottom-top, common-rare
Fight in a blanket, lovers dare.

A short poem – written as a part of Dversepoets Poetics tonight. I had fun playing with word pairs. Go here to read some wonderful poetry. Photo Credits: Reetam Banerjee.

When we kiss!








When we kiss, our eyes would close
On their own,
Not because it’s old text book romance,
Breath gets longer
Only to sustain the lock,
Arms slowly wrap around neck
This isn’t a time to let go,
We feel warm in cold, or
Alive in fatigue.

Dry or wet, four lips
Tell the tale of perfect togetherness,
Sometimes a blush,
Or a thin inexplicable tear, but more
Often prelude to deeper, conspicuous;
Delving into a journey
Where we are two souls may be,
But our bodies feel as one.

When we kiss
The world around us disappears,
We forget
Right at the very moment
Someone is striving to pay for love, in whatever form. 

Photo Credits: Reetam Banerjee