Oh past, speak out!

CaptureYou can be no stone – neatly carved
Nubile dancer – yes
Dressed only in jewellery
and flower around neck;
Yet so alive, so charming
Unlike no masonry
I’ve ever seen.

Those pliable arms – perfectly bend
Over head, and your legs
Voluptuous – yes
But you lithe gracefully
that pose –
Is a moment of stillness,
As if it’s your show on the court
You’d turn any moment now
and let your anklets sing.

Who created you? Those luscious curves
The phenomenal plasticity
Emotionally driven poise and
Etched out male fantasy
But do I see a drop of tear
trickling down stone cheeks?

Are there marks on your wrists?
Oh lady!
Don’t be a muse of past
Speak out, speak out
Am here to hear your story.

Join me on my poetics prompt tonight on Dversepoets – where we talk about ancient muses. Here I have used an image from Khajuraho. The beauty of the stone statue is appreciated by millions of viewers, but very little is known about who inspired the artists. I have tried to find an answer in my own ways.