11816174_10155939794430608_7546630364099130379_oPart of me instills the fear that one day
Ambling on the bank of plush green lake,
In lukewarm and sultry shadows
of banyan and peepal,
Would be my last, and
my footsteps on soft mud
smeared, overstepped.

Well, as much as disillusioned perpetual reality
Eternity may seem like,
Isn’t exactly what I nurture,
Standing in front of a wall
erected two hundred years ago,
Makes me fall in love
with my own wrinkles.

Adorned with jewels of
Dahlia, Bougainvillea or seasonal Marigolds
I float in silence of smell and
the fluttering of wings
Of sparrows, babblers, herons, mynas
Reminds me that one evening
I won’t be returning home with them.

Hooting of owls unnerve me
that my time has come,
which is when it hits me
fear is an important aphrodisiac
and I wake up with the hammering of woodpeckers.

Join me on my Poetics prompt on Dversepoets. Today I invite you to write about what connects you to where you were born and if you want to come back, as a tribute to the great poet – Jibananda.