It has been a long time, that the sunset melted into my evening silence and I let the soft dark rein my qualms – as if, bracing dark is the answer
knowing, it is so not.

It has been a long time, that night trespassed into my glass of wine and I drank the moon – as if, my doors were open like never before, while
the fact is I grew a deaf to cacophony

In illusions, reality can be as profound as oceans
always returning back
the words I throw at them

Thus I return
to the belief
that there is no end to how much I can love you
but certainly many beginnings of how I tell them

Returning to poetry, after almost a year I guess. Linked to DversePoets, OpenLinkNight


BaccaraThose who noticed, saw her beautiful hands
fingers long and supple
As brush, waiting for paints
Most didn’t see beyond eyes
cloud of messy hair
or misty coy glasses

Loneliness will become your problem, girl
said her mirror every day and
the fluffy rag doll-
that grew up with her;
she would look at it, tug it
but not play anymore

She drowned herself in music, adrift
never hum or tap her feet
to beats of her favourite songs,
No one could ever know she was singing inside
whenever she let out a silly blush,
They read shyness

No one heard her raise voice, let alone speak
Deep within the chastity of agony,
deflowered at an age before boys
could bring her roses

Loneliness is the least of my problems‘,
she said to the mirror and the doll
every day,
before donning her mask –
Yet very few
Would see through through her semblance…

  • Joining Dversepoets Poetics after a long time where KB has us create persona. Join us to read some wonderful poetry.
  • Black Baccara is a wonderful and highly fragrant rose, chosen for its unique colour.
  • Illustration by Partha Mukherjee.


Full Moon - 22/08/13

I paint my nights grey, blotches of white
and solitaire lampposts,
I don’t put my babies to sleep
Mischief dwindled, but awake
I paint my nights homeless,
Seek refuge in drizzle.
Acrylic sinks on canvas
Coarse pigments afloat,
I paint solitaire smiles and
Rock my children to sleep,
They don’t, not tonight
I paint them meal – they famish
Zest the colors, I must be
The worst creator of all.

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Kasia & Zieleń (excerpt)


Kasia & Zieleń

Kasia Zieleń
My heart is frozen in dread –
am I strong enough
to reach you?
I look to the mountains
and see the storm
– purple
– boiling

I look to the woodlands
and see the canopy
– emerald
– darkening
but my first step is taken
and I will not turn back

I want to feel you again –
I want to free you from your hell –
and it is a treacherous road
in quartz and granite teeth
that lunges at my ankles –
but the woodlands will shield me

I will fight my way
to the woodland peak
where the mourning dove
waits for the evening rain –
already I feel your touch
in the gusts
that announce the rain
your spirit will guide me

as I climb you lead me –
as I climb you free me –

Do you look back, ever?
How do you know –
you haven’t reached? What if
I am standing next to you
and you pass me by,
Take those barks
As my camouflage

Tea-berries on the carpet
Of your fairytale walk
An exotic kingdom
Brews the heavenly scent
Of earth; Do you
dither for a moment?

How do you know –
You are not looking at me?
Those baby pines
At your feet, or
Green and wrinkled
Skin, the oak wears
Home to nomad ferns

Listen to your heartbeat
For a moment, your
Short gasps for breath
I am here, with you
To see me, you need to
Let it go, let it all go
Unclad yourself

Give me the purer you
Pristine, unadulterated
Au naturel
Now, don’t be so scarlet with shame

I am linking this to OLN – an excerpt from my duet with Kasia (she  asked me to keep her identity secret). Zieleń is Polish for verdure /greenery and Kasia means Pure.  Photo Credits : Reetam Banerjee.


Resting beneath


Half-awake,late night me



soft words, seductions, reticence
she Walks in



Brings a lot of cold or spring
with her, all



I ask – where are you from
As if it



Is there a hungry world
waiting for



Do they hate each other
out there



We mate, rejuvenate
I & night


On Meeting the bar, Victoria has us write Tilus. Read more about this interesting form here.

The love tree


She planted a seed in the soil, poured water
The shoot came out,
After a day.

“What is that?” he exclaimed
“Our tree of love” she said
“There is a tree of love?”
“Yes, there is”-
She said calmly,
“Every couple has their own-
We need to nurture it
With love and compassion”

The seedling saw the sunlight
Took root into soil,
From a flowerpot
On the windowsill.

“How long it will take to grow?” he asked
“As long as it takes”, she said
“Like love,
A tree doesn’t grow in a day
We need more compassion”

Time flew in a gorgeous dream
Togetherness deepened –
The plant shifted from the flowerpot
To the garden,
“This is love, this is eternity”
He said to himself –
The plant grew up to a tree.

One morning, all of a sudden
She was gone
He screamed, called her and searched
She wasn’t there to be found,
“It didn’t grow in a day!” he yelled

The love tree that grew over years
Was chopped down,
In no time,
Only it didn’t sink into him so fast
What grows over years, can go in a moment.

Tonight at dverserpoets poetics – Bjorn has made us write about trees. Join to read some wonderful poetry.
Photo Credits: Reetam Banerjee