Cero and Celena

This is my duet poem with Grace. Please find her blog here.
In this poem, we hear them – a man and a woman – Cero and Celena. They are from different parts of the world. Both are lonely in their own ways. They are talking to the wind, cloud and themselves.
Yet, when we arrange what they are saying one after another – it becomes a conversation. It looks like they are talking to one another. As much as metaphor to natural elements they are, they bring a new world of lovers to life.


Rain! Are you mine? Springtime
I come through a cold, cold winter
Are you good news?
Fields bearing crops
Or, are you just another untimely rain?
My window pane – you make a canvas of mist
Don’t you know
That numbs me from inside
And those brailled words form
Like a lump at my throat?

Tell me – who are you?


I am moon’s maiden
silver and indigo, shadows follow
where my footsteps tread
deeper into the night, I quiver

an arrow cusp in the bowstring
taut tight, awaiting to pierce
your beating chest.
Did you call me, a siren by water’s edge?
Or was it all a dream?

Where are you?


I call spring – and you rain
I seek warmth and you
Appear out of nowhere
To make me clench my shell shut
Quench the thirst I didn’t have

Moon’s maiden,
You indeed perturb my dreams –
Come at my window,
Blur my vision
Ready your arrows to take me
And don’t know where I am?

Feet on ground, head in clouds
I stand between east and west
The empire, where sun never set

Moon’s maiden –
Who knows better than you
It’s not where you rain, but where you become cloud
Is where you always belong
Don’t you?

Are you from the Mediterranean sea?
Or the river from the east

Do you have untold stories for me?


By northern well
I gaze at the water, blue as diamonds
And your face
bronze as lost coin
rust as sinking ship against glacier

My hand reach to touch you
But your reflection fades
pulled down by colossal black waves

I beckon the March sky to rain
rain so hard
so I may breathe my wind-soul unto you

Why have you gone so far away?

Here I am
clothed in ivory, wintering
the past

Here I wait for the one who
will flare me into thousand star lights
and stain my hands with ink
purple-lace as the night



Oh! I feel your breathing
A breathing on my neck,
What if I am the furnace
Hot oven of the earth
What if I am the scorching sun
Land of misery and myths and desert?

Feet on ground, head in clouds
Relic of the time before the world was flooded
Shoulders of mountain
Unlucky, lonely and disobedience
I am just getting ready for the journey out to sea

Are you still mine?
Not the delicate child
Wouldn’t my world melt you?

Sure you were waiting for me?

Extends hands


Take this purple charm
warm-stone, two metallic hands twining
one endless circle

Of what will I be
without your tempest love
without your singular worship

You are my sun rising
suturing me close
You are the desert bald eagle
calling me home

By the horizon, hot wind
brushes me in amber gold
and soon a hundred
fireflies choir incandescent as stars

Call me
your nocturne, your muse

And I will hear your voice
as I descend each rung in the ladder
by shoreline
I await for your return

like dawn


Then why weren’t you here
When I needed?
All the gloom in pandora’s box
Loomed large?

Where were you
When I tried to run away from my shadow?
When I cried
Crept like a dog

Where were you
When my heart was burning in the furnace
Melting, hardening, melting again

Don’t you realize
I may not have anything to give you now?

Where were you when I needed you


Time has both cursed us
into weary-bone
places, unbound-grief
slate of wailing wind –

Have you forgotten the plea
by my father to stay here
& be obedient to family’s wishes

Have you seen the black spell
by she-witch when I step into boat
to follow you in your long journey

I have cried
crawling on my knees
pleading with fate but soothsayer’s dreams
that our love must be birthed by fire & distance

I have paid my silver dues
tenfold in loneliness &
nights brackish, despair of hues
Your burdens were also my burdens

You draw me
a blazing aurora by turn of new moon
and I carve your name
deeply upon the tree, beside an everglade

Haunted no more,
A moon’s maiden plea:
let me hold your face, in the glow
of morning


Cursed? Yes
Parted – never

All the time of loneliness
All the time that couldn’t be ours
Made me yearn for more of you
Condemned to the eternal hell

Secretly, I wanted to be a zephyr song
Or ocean current
Crossing orb
Defying horizons
Approached dream with dogged determination

And now you are here
Will you complete me?
Promises afloat
– Seeds unborn

Or do you have to go again?


I am dewdrops on your eyelids
I am where sky is blue &
colors your eyes of crimson sun

See my hands cupping your face
telling you fate has sealed
our hands like seeds, blooming

tulips, primroses in the valley
spring wildflowers in the meadows
harvest of apples, red & sweet
on your lips
I speak my heart:

Give all to love
Pulsing every beat to joy

Be swift as a swallow now
and conquer this loneliness
Rain, rain
Pour down and adorn our skin

with longing and dreams:


Oh! moon’s maiden
I have to go –
To a far, far land
An evanescent beau I’m not
Being an immaculate dewdrop
Isn’t my being

Destined to vaporize,
Fly over the desert and rain
Till the thirst quench

Through all those dry, sullen lips
We shall meet
and fulfill

Oh! Moon’s maiden
I am not leaving you,
From here to eternity
We’ll live
Through legends
Called life.

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