10 years & 43 inches

Had it been a tale of sheer happiness
We’d be living a bland, summer afternoon
As sultry as it can it can get in our mouth
Yet we tasted melting rainbows, and
Lighting shiver at the tip of our tongue;
A faint blame for fate, fled gleefully

Had it been a tale of sheer joy
We won’t know the season of smiles,
Ten years of shared sunlight
& our love tree grows 43 inches,
Certain things you can measure
Albeit there’s a lot more that you can’t

Spelling secrets


writerI met her here – on this floor
didn’t see her face
the first time,
only heard her speak – once

Words – just words
waving, floating
into the folds of dress
and shivers misspelled

then I saw her
not eye to eye
but secretly,
spoke of sin
a sweet lust
and her delicate composure

Yes, I met her right here
and spoke to her
one of those days
pushing the
Herculean stone-some
qualms away~

We spoke and
words traveled
through ocean-currents
across lands and mountains
as we painted the moon
some clouds and bliss

Then one day
I admitted love and
realized – I wasn’t the only one
and I fell in love
with her

and again and again
till I got the hang of it

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