Love tales

Urge is a skin, and love?
the flesh underneath;
A facade is desires
Sauntering the brain;
Call it letter, gift, seduction
whatsoever –

Lust is a sweat, and hands
Bonds, heftier than ever,
Fingers? Truce
But silence between us?
– eloquence.

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Shallow thrills permeate anew
& beads of sweat
Emancipate taste.

Words aren’t eternity,
To outlive your smile or
Knickknacks you wore, to
Epitome of poise-

Past ain’t a restraint to curb you
Just the salt is treacherous
Lingers on lips, lasting
Ever after.

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Tricks that fail

A fine chocolate cake awaits
With magic candles,
Those will lit themselves
Even if you blow them out,
Tiny hands, claps – with
A silvery tiara and waving of a wand
I brace the clasps of sorcery
From a young witch

Blessed and proud a father
I pick her wand
When she is asleep
& try to write L O V E in thin air,
As if all the bad blood
From this world,
Will be expunged in a whiff

Even if all my tricks fail
every year, doesn’t mean
I should n’t try.

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Full Moon - 22/08/13

I paint my nights grey, blotches of white
and solitaire lampposts,
I don’t put my babies to sleep
Mischief dwindled, but awake
I paint my nights homeless,
Seek refuge in drizzle.
Acrylic sinks on canvas
Coarse pigments afloat,
I paint solitaire smiles and
Rock my children to sleep,
They don’t, not tonight
I paint them meal – they famish
Zest the colors, I must be
The worst creator of all.

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Rudiments of separation


Rudiments of separation

The stage is set – a
picturesque station, a
sizzling steam engine –
All you have to do is
Board the train and
Wave your hands;
so that our endless banter
can fade with its
transient whistles;
Easy, albeit remains a fantasy
No, you don’t have to trace
your finger on lips,
that almost got cut
when we kissed,
Pick your clothes
silently, leave with a
creak of the door
Wearing my scent, sweat.
If you wish to bid good bye
Say it like you mean it,
You’ve more vitality than
the dying river; that
Leaves its sludge
At every bend; although
that alluvium is very fertile,
It is hardly fecund.

Say good bye, like there’s no brooding over.

After a long time I have not written for any prompt – just something on my own. I feel very let down today and there is no other medium that could paint my sadness. May be I will link up to OLN later this week.

Back to school

Back to school

Back to school

Blue and white uniform, we marched out
in gallant boots,
Happy that this is the end
Tyranny of teachers
and exams,
Test of patience – memory
Crushed with numbers, facts
Obstinate for authorities
We romped – no more books
That we don’t want to read,
No more walls,
Pink Floid started
Pouring music to our ears
Progressive and
Mind-bending – who needs
a classroom anyway?
Never did we think, we’re
Walking into a bigger school,
No more tests after lessons
But lifelong lessons
After tests – and yes,
One day, much to our surprise,
We’ll all return, in tiny steps
Glossy books and twinkling eyes
Eager to read
Worldful of

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