The good bye train

The good-bye train
Oh! the good-bye train
You’re here~
& somehow, the world I know
is about to fade.

My home, my garden
My books, my violin
Can’t pack a life in a backpack now
Can we?


Steaming, whistling
Smiling, jostling
You’re so ready
You lucky wheels
Roll your life
on the go – but really
how long can I run along?

Allow me a moment –
to say words I don’t mean
lament what I leave; put
questions on your wings
Why I’m so two minded today?

Good-bye train!
Oh! my good-bye train~
Past terrains, pastures and hills
We part, only to meet again~

Join me on my last Dverse Poetics prompt, as a host. Thank you.


Can we go there, brother?

Today we may have
An esoteric wall,
Amid bloodline.

Today we may have
A desert
Between us,
insurmountable, that one.

Still what we share is
More than a photo
or that scar
On the right knee.

And there will always be
A sweet tooth,
Or dad’s old diary

We are more akin, than
We’d like to believe,
For the same road
Will always take us home.

Today on Dversepoets pub, our guest bartender Jennifer has write us about brotherhood. Please join us to read some wonderful poetry.


Johny ate all the sugar


Today I am a fountain of colors, a bundle of joy
Apple of your eyes
Tomorrow moon, may be
And then stars.

Every day, I grow a millimeter daddy,
A millimeter
That you can’t see
Or measure, like I gain a
Grain of mischief,
You won’t like to believe.

You trick me papa
By hiding
The twinkle stars
Behind cloud,
Or so you say.

When the puppy woofs at me
I don’t feel scared,
I just want to hug you,
You are my Humpty –

And Johny ate all the sugar, papa
Not me
Why can’t you find him
And see his mouth?

Mary has us write beautiful poetry and I chose to write about the greatest joy of my life, my daughter Rupu – who started her kindergarten earlier this month and came back home with her first rhyme.

Join us to read some wonderful poetry.

Runic Inscriptions

Alone they are bare, derelict, hollow
A consummation of your life’s tears.

Words, such magical creatures
When found in an old notebook,
Change course of life.

Tucked them away in the old cupboard
Didn’t you – dad?
Thought that will keep them from the world, but me?

In the attic you left more for me than you think
Or, I’ll ever admit
Yellow, torn pages, genes, poetry.

I am linking this poem to Dversepoets Poetics, on the theme of “evolving as a poet”. When I was a young boy, I discovered poetry written by my father and took to writing. So literally an afternoon when I found his diary while playing attic, changed the course of my life. Hope you like it. Join in to read some wonderful poetry.

Oh! I hope you’ll like the song and see why I added it.

Déjà vu

Resting beneath

I see him often – a grey jerkin, blue shirt
Unshaven beard for a few days,
Worried – is he?
Economic landslides, crimes or poverty
World has enough worries, for say

While walking along the night
A woman stopped him,
“Do you have a spare pound?
Would you do business?
I want to~”
She asked; shivering in search of some warmth
He gave her a coin and ran away
Why didn’t he do business with her?
She was pretty-

He sometimes looks happy
Not shining happy,
But glowing from inside
Did he get that bonus he was waiting for?
Or, his sister got engaged
Wait – he had a sister?
A sister that rarely calls him
Or he calls her,
That’s not so sibling like

Sometimes he looks old
Youthful vigor, but old
Poignant eyes
Give it away, do they?
Age will take its toll
But not as nearly as sadness;
Would it?

He dances cheek to cheek
With his little princess
Her standing on a table,
Reaching his height;
Dancing to the beat
His eyes
Pensive of suffering women go through
Reflects clouds of fright
For his princess,
Who just dances to the beat-
Time will tell if those clouds will disperse.

I see him naked
Is that pride what he wears then
Abating allegiance-
He never speaks out,
Silence is how we commune
I see him on the rainy days mostly
Mild water clogging,
Oh! Yes – and I see him in the mirror too,

Tonight on Dversepoets Meeting the Bar, Brian wants us to write about character development in poetry. So here is my entry to the theme. Hope you like it. You can read all the great posts on this prompt here.

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The man in red coat and blue pants

I am sharing this poem to DVersePoets OpenLinkNight. where we have a new poet, Anthony, greeting us all. Following his suggestion, I wanted to write about some common objects in my bedroom. Once you read through, you will find how they are so special. Join OpenLinkNight to read some amazing poetry from poets all over the world here.


A red octopus
At peace with the duck that sings lullaby
Or a green tortoise,
A grey elephant
– Quite a colony together
Friendly neighborhood
They are

The ambulance, the white cooper
A man on a unicycle
Donald duck
Hide, jump crash into one other
The man lost a leg,
– The ambulance a wheel
Once a table clock, now
Lost its second hand

A lot of making and breaking
Tiny little fun
Balloon throwing
In a tiny red throne
– The queen takes up rein of her kingdom
A lot go into hiding,
Under bed, cupboard

I watch my child at play
And part of me
Sport a false moustache
And ride the unicycle in red coat and blue pants,
A white hair or two, underneath the hat
Age is a beautiful watch that never stops
– Yet going back in time is possible,
As a father, I like to believe.

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