It has been a long time, that the sunset melted into my evening silence and I let the soft dark rein my qualms – as if, bracing dark is the answer
knowing, it is so not.

It has been a long time, that night trespassed into my glass of wine and I drank the moon – as if, my doors were open like never before, while
the fact is I grew a deaf to cacophony

In illusions, reality can be as profound as oceans
always returning back
the words I throw at them

Thus I return
to the belief
that there is no end to how much I can love you
but certainly many beginnings of how I tell them

Returning to poetry, after almost a year I guess. Linked to DversePoets, OpenLinkNight

9 thoughts on “Hiatus

  1. Good to see you Abhra ~ A hiatus for me offers new eyes and new world, even if it seems its like the same ~ Good to have many many beginnings ~

  2. And a warm welcome back – offering us a beautiful explanation for the hiatus, which I hope left you replenished and eager to share at least the beginnings with us…

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