The good bye train

The good-bye train
Oh! the good-bye train
You’re here~
& somehow, the world I know
is about to fade.

My home, my garden
My books, my violin
Can’t pack a life in a backpack now
Can we?


Steaming, whistling
Smiling, jostling
You’re so ready
You lucky wheels
Roll your life
on the go – but really
how long can I run along?

Allow me a moment –
to say words I don’t mean
lament what I leave; put
questions on your wings
Why I’m so two minded today?

Good-bye train!
Oh! my good-bye train~
Past terrains, pastures and hills
We part, only to meet again~

Join me on my last Dverse Poetics prompt, as a host. Thank you.

18 thoughts on “The good bye train

  1. Good-byes, can be, the beginning of new relationships and experiences, which we would have not thought of, before. Here’s hoping, in your case, Abhra, it’s the beginning and not, an ending. Thank you, for stretching my poetic muscles, with your challenges.

  2. So many things in life create a conflicted state of mind; movement & change are always at the top of the list. “Should I stay, or should I go.” I say go. Life is much too rich & diverse to stagnate in a familiar puddle. I like your line /put questions on your wings/. Take care of you & yours, brother.

  3. “Allow me a moment” — how often I want to say this to LIFE, in general. Just allow me a moment. To reflect. To think. To breathe. To say goodbye, before I know I must. Love this, Abhra.

  4. I liked the mixed emotions of this piece– the jovial indifference of the train, always charging ahead unafraid, to new lands and adventures, in contrast to the hesitance and regret expressed by the speaker. Your usage of the exclamation points in the address to the train worked for me. It made me imagine an old-fashioned scene of someone waving a handkerchief through a window, calling out to an old friend, fading into the distance. It conveys excitement, hurriedness, and longing all at once.

    And I LOVED the lines “… put // questions on your wings: // Why I’m so two-minded today” The tone of gentle introspection really struck me

  5. It’s hard to say goodbye to a region or town you have come to know. Even though the future may be brighter down the line, there’s no place like home. Gotta find those ruby slippers.

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  7. Shot gun home on river..
    Train tracks a stone throw
    away.. Locomotive shaKing
    Foundation on concrete blocks
    mIles away in whistles oF Loving
    Relatives inside then..
    and then that
    whistle so
    far in the
    lost and so
    hard trYing to
    FiNd that soft
    Love connection
    of Youth in Work
    dead soUl.. heArt..
    and SpiRit then.. and
    noW the Whistle once
    aGaiN is HaPPy as i own
    happy.. iT is the servant oF I
    tRain Whistle
    Free.. mY friend..
    and good forTunes
    to yA as WeLL aLL aBoard..:)

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