Spelling secrets


writerI met her here – on this floor
didn’t see her face
the first time,
only heard her speak – once

Words – just words
waving, floating
into the folds of dress
and shivers misspelled

then I saw her
not eye to eye
but secretly,
spoke of sin
a sweet lust
and her delicate composure

Yes, I met her right here
and spoke to her
one of those days
pushing the
Herculean stone-some
qualms away~

We spoke and
words traveled
through ocean-currents
across lands and mountains
as we painted the moon
some clouds and bliss

Then one day
I admitted love and
realized – I wasn’t the only one
and I fell in love
with her

and again and again
till I got the hang of it

Join me on my Poetics tonight on Dverse Poets Pub – I invite you to write about a poet you have met, interacted with on Dverse or elsewhere. I am not divulging who I am writing about – but there are enough hints for her to pick up.


15 thoughts on “Spelling secrets

  1. Have no idea of whom you are writing but feel a universal message here. Quite an excellent write. And you must be very very happy – the posts to your prompt are wonderful.
    PS: I’ve travelled with my job (rejuvenated for 3 years now – never say retired) to India three times. I adore the country and its people. Have been to Mumbai, Hyderbad, Delhi, and several other citiies. My most precious memory is being invited to join a family celebration…on their roof…wonderful food…and the celebration was in the fall — there was a bonfire on the roof and we walked around the fire and tossed grain? into the fire. I can’t recall the festival now…but it was quite wonderful and I was honored to join the family. I was also invited into the home of a government official (last name Patel) — who had been electived 5 times — and had done so very much for the people — starting a school to train people to become self sufficient with trades — his grand daughter was a student of mine. I was honored to visit his home and share a meal with he, his wife, and some of his staff. It is truly a wonderful country and I have very very fond memories of my time there.

    • I am glad to hear that – I have lived in all the three cities you mentioned – and I love Mumbai most. I hope you come down to the east next time and I would be able to show you around…. 🙂

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