Ocean is not our distance
Silence is~
we fathom it
Yet we get nowhere

Possibilities asleep in seeds
We are
prisoners our
In our own fortress

A gift of light, warmth and rain
and we can be
As alive
As we want to be

Love is not our redemption
is a myth
Yet we soul search

All of us have those seeds
Sporelings – they couldn’t be.

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Photo: Suman

21 thoughts on “Sporeling

  1. “Possibilities asleep in seeds
    We are”

    I LOVE the way this visually reworks itself into “We are possibilities asleep in seeds.”

    This is jam-packed with wisdom, like the following:

    “we can be
    As alive
    As we want to be”

    “Love is not our redemption”

    “Ocean is not our distance
    Silence is”

    Very thought-provoking piece.

  2. So many possibilities are in seeds. We don’t know what they are until they are planted & they sprout! This poem demonstrates so well the soul searching all must do! Nice to see you, Abhra!

  3. “Ocean is not our distance
    Silence is~”

    All things important to the heart/soul must be nourished to grow. This feels to me like a broken heart slowly coming to terms with why it all went wrong.

  4. …all of us have those seed…
    …ocean is not our distance, silence is……
    Love this begining and the ending words………put together, they have such a powerful message here.

  5. Effective development of the seed as metaphor. We have so many choices at every turn but the reality is, we can never fully know another person. We are all mysteries…even to ourselves, I think.

  6. I like the idea of seeds within us ready to sprout with possibilities. The question becomes which seeds will we nurture and which won’t receive much or any attention. Nice, Abhra.

  7. The stanza “a gift of light, warmth and rain and we can be as alive we want to be” has set its own place in my mind as a continous motivation. Loved these lines.

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