The waste we seek

Fill it with depravity of moss
And you will end up
creeping down
a slippery, deep well

Lit a fire, and you can
Be an inferno,
To sweep through
Anything, really.

A dewdrop of vitality
A heart of ocean
And a bleak canvas-
Born possibilities

yet, we fritter, and
probably will
Through the wavy ocean

Join me on my first OLN prompt this year on Dverse poets – a happy new year to all my readers.

16 thoughts on “The waste we seek

  1. That ocean is relentless but its not forever ~ I specially admire this part:

    A dewdrop of vitality
    A heart of ocean
    And a bleak canvas-
    Born possibilities

    Happy New Year to you ~

  2. 60 years ago there was no smog to speak of, & the ocean seemed too vast to ever fill all its trenches. Yet the very air is hard to breath in the big cities, & fish fresh from the ocean are too polluted to be safe to ingest. Add to that global warming, & our children are going to inherent a wasteland.

  3. I like the metaphor of life on this one. At first read, I thought it is just about our environment but at second read, I felt it is more than that.

    Happy New Year.

  4. So glad that you found your muse… this is excellent, I read a strong metaphor here… what we do with our lives… being ground to sand by the waves…

    Yet there is hope… almost like finding your muse again.

  5. What you say is both important and beautifully written, my dear Abhra – “we can indeed be…”
    and: “yet we fritter This comes from the soul and I find it both personally affirming and a hopeful; piece – Thank You…

  6. Not just about ecology, but about all the possibilities we fritter away, because we believe we are given endless second and third chances. A nice use of extended metaphor here.

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