Love tales

Urge is a skin, and love?
the flesh underneath;
A facade is desires
Sauntering the brain;
Call it letter, gift, seduction
whatsoever –

Lust is a sweat, and hands
Bonds, heftier than ever,
Fingers? Truce
But silence between us?
– eloquence.

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17 thoughts on “Love tales

  1. Could we ever whelp love out of thin air? Of course not, first we are in lust, then we must swim the swirling riptides of accommodation, respect, truth & compassion. If we survive that, Love can blossom like the the perennial it actually can be/is.

  2. That ending, the eloquence of the silence between two lovers says so much to me, completing the exquisite sensuality of the beginning of the poem. Thank you for hosting today Abhra.

  3. I love how you cover so many facets of lust, but then love shines through in the end with that comfortable silence…the joy in each others’ presence without the need for meaningless words. Eloquence!

  4. Oh.. Love and lust.. bedfellows
    at least.. and hope’s
    Love connections
    at most..
    as always
    IT ALL works
    in balance
    for those who dance
    a faith of harmonious truth
    and light.. oxytocin.. the social
    bonding neurohormone that
    also connects us as love of
    nature in receptors on
    bottom of bare feet
    dancing on bare
    earth sans human clothes as
    cultural limitations too.. is pArt
    of lust as senses and emotions
    hold hands in lust and Love
    as one force gifted
    to us by Nature’sALL
    Lust and Love
    for Living

  5. “Lust is a sweat, and hands
    Bonds, heftier than ever,
    Fingers? Truce
    But silence between us?
    – eloquence.”
    A poetic homage to a loving relationship beautifully said.

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