Shallow thrills permeate anew
& beads of sweat
Emancipate taste.

Words aren’t eternity,
To outlive your smile or
Knickknacks you wore, to
Epitome of poise-

Past ain’t a restraint to curb you
Just the salt is treacherous
Lingers on lips, lasting
Ever after.

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19 thoughts on “Salt

  1. Always a joy to dip into your world & mindset, brother. Wow, salt as love–kicks off salt memories for me, so much of our body contains it, residue from our oceanic origins; salty ride in the womb; salt as revenue when the term “not worth her salt” was whelped; cool stuff. I like the lines /words aren’t eternity/to outlive your smile/.

  2. I like this. My grandmother told me, when cooking, always add a bit of salt to sweet things because it accentuates and makes it sweeter. By the same token, add a bit of sweet to something salty. Like love, need the sweet and salty. Good work!

  3. “Past ain’t a restraint to curb you,Just the salt is treacherous,Lingers on lips, lasting Ever after” beautiful lines they are. I have read some of your poems, each of them carries some powerful, inspiring and a subtle message in them.

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