Tricks that fail

A fine chocolate cake awaits
With magic candles,
Those will lit themselves
Even if you blow them out,
Tiny hands, claps – with
A silvery tiara and waving of a wand
I brace the clasps of sorcery
From a young witch

Blessed and proud a father
I pick her wand
When she is asleep
& try to write L O V E in thin air,
As if all the bad blood
From this world,
Will be expunged in a whiff

Even if all my tricks fail
every year, doesn’t mean
I should n’t try.

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15 thoughts on “Tricks that fail

  1. Such a lovely hug for your daughter, as your gifts as both a father & a poet are lavished upon her. Cherish these early years, because they accelerate soon enough.

  2. WeLL.. aWay from birthday cakes
    candles.. and onto numbers.. at least for
    me when i am 34..
    my life is just beginning
    as a babe at it..
    barely 1 year into
    mortgage iife..
    4 into marriage
    life.. now then..
    18 years into
    work.. sure..
    ya gotta eat..
    and not even a
    dream of a child..
    child am i.. child then..
    child lost.. i am child
    again.. 55.. and never
    younger in
    all that
    Human now plaYinG
    emotions regulaTinG
    senses integraTinG
    into always
    N0W LiVinG
    focuSinG FlAMe..
    heArt expresSing
    SpiRit.. SoUl in mind
    and body balance..
    iT tAKES me decades
    to younger and younger
    AND tHere iS a real fountain
    of youth that lives within
    across the live span
    for those
    who move
    and create
    iT with relative
    human free will..
    sadly.. school and
    work teach us nothing
    of this.. as one must
    seek and find
    a path that
    works for
    but anyWay
    my giFt to
    uS is tHe fAct
    thAT it’s reaL
    and i illustate
    that profusely
    as you already
    may likeLY kNow..
    if not feel at aLL..
    of Youth
    a gift
    waiting in
    bEinG finDinG

    Butterfly humans
    better than never..:)

  3. What a beautiful gift – the love of a father. Your poem moved me. Being new to dVerse I really enjoyed responding to your prompt though I may have misunderstood just what I was supposed to. πŸ™‚

  4. All parents want magic wands to wave over their children to keep them safe from all harm. This shows me what a loving and attentive father you are, Abhra…it warmed my heart. Happy Birthday to you!

    Gayle ~

  5. Happy birthday Abhra. How lovely the scene of father watching over daughter. Took me back to childhood when I would be awakened by a kiss by my father. Love the wand writing LOVE. Yes, it does have magic powers.

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