Full Moon - 22/08/13

I paint my nights grey, blotches of white
and solitaire lampposts,
I don’t put my babies to sleep
Mischief dwindled, but awake
I paint my nights homeless,
Seek refuge in drizzle.
Acrylic sinks on canvas
Coarse pigments afloat,
I paint solitaire smiles and
Rock my children to sleep,
They don’t, not tonight
I paint them meal – they famish
Zest the colors, I must be
The worst creator of all.

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27 thoughts on “Solitaire

  1. Sadness within truth, for it sleeps outside hungry every night, in every country in the world. I would love it if the do-gooders channeling millions into helping the less fortunate overseas would spend that money on solutions for assisting our own first; just saying.

  2. Take inspiration from the tag cloud, my friend, and add some colors. and happy ones. This was grey, though I loved the picture and reading it too. 🙂

  3. Well.. friend i can promise you..
    for one.. i’ve been to the
    darkest places likely
    possible for human
    being.. and without
    the dark.. for me
    at least.. there
    be greaTEST
    AND the reality..
    tHere is no escape..
    even when hope.. faith
    and belief is gone.. there
    is only survival.. and a gift
    of dark and light.. as it Is it is..
    Just is is all the IS ustice tHere iS…:)

  4. There is a loneliness or anguish in this Abhra.
    When even you can not conjure color for the night.
    Though most nights are rather monochrome,
    black and white seems to bring out the detail all the more.

  5. Your use of color creates a bit of a dismal effect, perhaps, but something about the rhythm offsets that, Abhra, lending an almost lullaby character to the poem. Also the repetition “I paint my…” does the same for me.

  6. Your poem reflects your state of mind. So very sorry to hear of your loss, Abhra. Grief can make us feel alone. You have my deepest condolences and I hope your sorrow will be soon lifted.


  7. I can understand how the world seems leached of colour at present – you convey that so well, so clearly, yet so imaginatively and delicately. My thoughts are with you and your friends.

  8. There’s a haunting, almost convicting quality to this. It made me feel that I should be doing more to feed the famished, homeless children in our world. Simply painting a picture of their plight, no matter how vivid, is simply not enough to let them sleep with full bellies. Peace, Linda

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