Back to school

Back to school

Back to school

Blue and white uniform, we marched out
in gallant boots,
Happy that this is the end
Tyranny of teachers
and exams,
Test of patience – memory
Crushed with numbers, facts
Obstinate for authorities
We romped – no more books
That we don’t want to read,
No more walls,
Pink Floid started
Pouring music to our ears
Progressive and
Mind-bending – who needs
a classroom anyway?
Never did we think, we’re
Walking into a bigger school,
No more tests after lessons
But lifelong lessons
After tests – and yes,
One day, much to our surprise,
We’ll all return, in tiny steps
Glossy books and twinkling eyes
Eager to read
Worldful of

Gabriella has us write stories of going back to school. Hope you’d like to join us on Dversepoets. Door open at 3 PM EST. The photo is from Hyderabad where I joined a street event with my little one.

21 thoughts on “Back to school

  1. I think we often do not understand the importance of education until we are older. Now all the classes I take I try to learn as much as I can and it is not just about surviving to graduation. Well, maybe a little bit. Occassionally there were those teachers that really brought to life the subject or got creative with it. Those are the ones I loved and remember now.

  2. we don’t need no education… we don’t need no thoughts control… ha…will hum that song for the rest of the evening
    learning opens so many doors for us – it’s sad that we discover this so late sometimes

  3. Haha those Pink Floyd words! I remember them too. I have a feeling that today’s teacher are more creative than the ones we had. Formal teaching does not agree with everybody.

  4. Ultimately, after a decade in the performing arts, I became a special Ed teacher for 30 years, & education was my world; that & still performing through my poetic pursuits. I remember the joy I get discovering the Zen notion that with each lifetime we still remain “in lesson”.

  5. This is a cool perspective…..we resist the educational learning, not knowing that far greater and more life-changing lessons lie ahead. I wish they could incorporate life skills and common sense and understanding of consequences into the curriculum, something that would help young adults survive once they’re out of school. I liked the direction you went with this prompt.

  6. I think we often think more fondly of schooling when we are adults than when we are children. And perhaps school is more meaningful to us later on as well… I do think that perhaps life itself IS the best school…..the ‘bigger school’ you referred to! And, yes, we are now eager to read! Smiles.

  7. All in all it’s just another brick in the wall….I hated school and it was a torture to me. I look fondly back on high school learning and university, glad I was taught the basics but always wondering, why we all had to think alike, look alike, learn alike…..

  8. Institutionalized education is not a good fit for every student…like how you show development of an appreciation for learning in your poem. Nice chalk art too 🙂

  9. Ha, yes, we all sang that Pink Floyd song too at school… as a form of protest.
    Nowadays, my kids sing it at their class assembly with their teachers!
    I like your three column approach to the poem – with the third and longest column dedicated to that hardest school of life – the school of life.

  10. i have to say graduating close to
    the top of a class of almost
    four hundred in
    high school..
    that i learn
    nothing of
    value other
    than two
    of the three
    R’s of ‘Rithmetic
    and Reading and
    truly graduated
    like this with
    little to no
    to oRate
    or ‘rite
    in creative thought
    in output.. and even
    after three degrees in
    college the same dismal
    report of school failing
    me my basic humanity
    of education as
    choice is
    enough then..
    to pass me at
    the top
    of the
    THAT pArt of
    education is
    changing some..
    but the ART of
    Being Human
    is nowHere
    still in
    the curriculum
    of Westernized
    schools from
    moving.. connecting
    to creating human
    being Well NOW
    with more than
    Standard IQ
    that humans
    are not
    even evolving
    for more or
    less to begin
    with except
    for those cogs
    in the machine
    of walls of
    society making
    excess of comforts
    in materialism way
    possible as Zombies
    grow larger in numbers..:)

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