Do you have a fine roof over you head?
Echo: Shed

Strong walls, do they stop the howling storm?
Echo: Warm

Snow beyond window – inside a soothing fire?
Echo: Mire

Good food on plate, rose wine in glass?
Echo: Class

Have-nots, poverty, hunger, dearth?
Echo: Mirth

Do you think you are really free, friend?
Echo: Pretend

This week on Dversepoets Meeting-the-bar, Mary asked us to write echo verse (An Echo Verse is when the last word or syllable in a line is repeated or echoed underneath to form a rhyming line, normally ending as the last line being the title to the poem). I picked an old piece and restructured it in this form. I dedicate this to India’s 68th Independence day.   

Photography: Uday Shankar Sarkar.

10 thoughts on “Pretend

  1. ah…the last line speaks of a broken dream…the poem is a perfect image of this so called free country…also love that picture reminding of the tricolor…a lovely echo verse…

  2. You have some lines that really speak truth sharply, Abhra. I really like the ‘good food on a plate…’ And also the last couplet. Yes, sometimes it does seem easier to pretend. Sigh. I am glad you tried the form. You did it well.

    • Yes, I thought so to – the echo – to strengthen a point – a statement….I tried by altering one of my old poems…

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