Ode to caffeine


Those two glasses there
Sitting side by side,
Two ice-rock islands
Floating on golden sea;
Warm from gentle sips
Tell our story.

Fuss over chords – Dylan or GNR
Who sang it better?
Harmonica to guitar,
Forearms touched, heads banged
“Mama take this badge off me”
Beats, foot tapping, heart strings
Tell our story.

Long night, short wait
Holding on to the handle
Almost swaying wooden bench,
A gusty evening at that and
Flurry of dried leaves,
All those half-baked
Timeless mysteries
Tell our story.

Oh! and endless caffeine talk
Yes, that sums it up, about right.

Remembering the friendship day, I dedicate this to all who cherish the magic of friendship. Sharing this on OLN. Join us to read some wonderful poetry.

Photography: Reetam Banerjee



20 thoughts on “Ode to caffeine

  1. I like a coffee clatch, but my sweet wife prefers words spun over wine. So we both get those tales told, stories & music & films of old, a POV sold.
    Nice job with this. I like the lines /”Mama, take this badge off me” (I can’t use it any more)/beats, foot-tapping, heart strings/tell our story.

  2. Ah, yes, those friendships spun tight with discussions about all the ‘important’ subjects under the sun… you describe that beautifully. Sounds like an old friendship as well, going back to the 60s if I understand correctly?

  3. We’ve all been there Abhra, And especially love the way you begin to draw things to a close with:

    “A gusty evening at that and
    Flurry of dried leaves,
    All those half-baked
    Timeless mysteries
    Tell our story.” Great stuff… With Best Wishes Scott

  4. I did so enjoy this poem! Those seemingly endless conversations and fun times between friends. So very different from those of a lover, even if the lover is one’s best friend, that friend friend is different, as it should be. This made me realize I need to call my best friend and talk for about three hours over the phone.

  5. Oh.. yes.. story taling bars of yesteryear..
    technology in bar beats.. still not
    exceeding cochlear out plants
    in hard of hearing over
    sounds of culture..
    when humans move
    and groove and connect
    some dots of deeper
    ways of speaking
    heard.. or not..
    we all create a new
    life when we forge a
    new friendship of eyes..:)

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