In his prime, he was so alive, green and tall – as much as a sugar palm could be. He bore the sweetest of fruits. He was loved, cared and even counted as a part of the family. Once he died, the farmer made a boat out of him. He was a good boat, swaying from one field to another, in shallow water. Yet, today no one looks at him. In the days of summer, he is of no use. He waits at the end of the field and no one takes notice.

A sun-parched palm
lies in a lifeless torpor –
waiting for the torrents.

He waits for the days of summer to pass. Come monsoon, he will revive again.

I had taken this photo a few years back near a low land famous for cultivation of different crops in different seasons – where trunk of palm trees are used as sort of canoes in shallow water. This is the tree I am talking about. This is my first Haiban ever, written for Toni‘s prompt on Dversepoets today – where she has asked us to write poetic thoughts on dog day – days of extreme summer. Door open at 3 PM EST. Join us to read some wonderful poetry.

15 thoughts on “Wait

  1. As per Toni’s suggestion, haibuns abound out here on the trail; yours was lovely, very well done, combining prose & haiku magnificently. I love the haibun form, though I shamelessly customize it to my own tastes.

  2. Bravo! You did a wonderful haibun. I like this view of the summer and the feeling for the tree, how he was part of the family. A really lovely write. We all wait for the harsh times to be over, I think. I wish I could give the tree a nice stroke to let him know he is still valued.

  3. Ending Dog Days of August..
    A Hurricane Ivan for us then..
    A Beloved Tall and Stately
    Oak.. felled by Winds Gone
    BY THAT never seem to end..
    Dinosaur Skeleton Bones
    Left as Rest of Oakless..
    Finish off to Stump
    by Oak cutter crew..
    AND now all types
    of plants and species
    Flowers.. as Well as Oak
    Thriving at Stump of Ivan’s
    terrorRing Winds of Change
    BrINGING New Life to Forest
    Root JUST waiting to BE TREE
    Thriving AlLIVing aGain.. NOW..:)

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