IMG_20150517_170633I have this quirky cravings
These days
Sometimes sweet,
Sometimes sour –
Even bitter.

Some days are bizzare
You give me a hard time,
To figure out
What the urge
Really is.

However, you seem to have
a liking for
ball games,
Your feet – they’re fast,
round and tiny, and
You have some really
Sleeping pattern.

Yet when you take
eensy-weensy walk
Along inner midriff
at 2am, you make me
The mother, I always
Wanted to be.

I have written mostly about my daughter and very little on my wife. This is a piece where I bring them together. Originally asked by Anthony on his poetics earlier this week, but I couldn’t finish in time. Here I am linking this to OLN.
The sketch is done by Reetam Banerjee.

15 thoughts on “@2am

  1. Fickle sleeping patterns can be so difficult to endure, but can also become so endearing when those sweet round and tiny feet strike an emotional chord….as you have done here by taking your wife’s perspective. Lovely 🙂

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