When we kiss~

When We Kiss Reetam

When we kiss, we
Feel warmth in cold
And zestful in fatigue;
We don’t descry
Uncouth blemishes-
Vice of lechery.

When we kiss, our
Eyes close ineluctably
Breathing perpetuates;
Assault, abuse, deception
Are not the words
We see the
The world spell.

When we kiss, our
Arms entwine neck;
While someone
Somewhere resort
To money, or coerce
Their way to libido.

Come what atrocities may,
Four lips tell a tale-
Often prelude to an
Abysmal journey,
Where two bodies
Fuse into one, and
Nothing else matters.

There is always this other side
Of the coin,
When we kiss,
Heaven is right here.

Claudia has us write layered poetry. I have used an idea on which I started long back and following her suggestions I created the layers.
Photography : Reetam Banerjee

12 thoughts on “When we kiss~

  1. We can hope there is Heaven in that kiss. Far too many of them end in heartbreak and broken relationships. But for the moment, all can be right with the world.

  2. Ah.. yes.. the human connection in layers of lips.. will exceed the materials of desires for those with love.. but of course there are loveless
    lips as well.. of those with fewer layers of soul.. heart..
    and spirit expressed in lips or not..:)

  3. Abhra, this is really an interesting poem! So much goes on behind and beyond the kiss. While it happens, perhaps the kiss is heaven…but your poem shows that there is often so much else!

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