Where are you from


I am from the sunset, the river, boats
And those boatmen
Smile at me,
Every time
I take a stroll on the embankment

I am from the plains and sultry weather
Luscious mangoes,
And them beating the heat

I am from the seasonal colors of crops
Wavy green
To golden yellow,
Some red
Vibrant, hued joys of a farmer’s soul.

I am from the concrete jungle
Solemnly busy and ruthless,
High-rise ego
And cacophony
Of clumsy
City traffic.

I am from the perpetual poise
Of humility
And pretense,
Bravery and timidity,
Harmony and conflict
After all I am no different than you are.

Join me on Dversepoets OpenLinkNight#148. I used a prompt that I missed earlier – Where are you from? by Mary.


27 thoughts on “Where are you from

  1. Oh, but brother, you are different; for even if we were truly siblings, one of the miracles of life is that each of us is an individual; some more than others–like you. nice take, however on Mary’s prompt. Nice to see you jumping back in.

  2. I’m so glad you got to use that prompt in the end – and in such a beautiful way. A true mix of the untamed, the natural and the artificial – like any one of us and yet such a unique blend.

  3. Abhra, this is absolutely wonderful, Abhra. And, oh those mangos and lychee have my mouth watering. I enjoy the contrasts in the last stanza. I think we all can identify with them…as we all have these contrasts within us!

  4. Brilliant write Abhra and: Vibrant, hued joys of a farmer’s soul – wonderful wonderful wonderful!
    Anna :o]

  5. Very nice. I like the final stanza best, though the others are necessary to set it up properly. The concrete was necessary to give context to the abstract. Peace, Linda

  6. Great Abhra – especially the last stanza… I’d be tempted to just lose the ‘are’ altogether on the last line – but that’s just me… With Best Wishes – I’ll be back for more…

  7. I love this Abhra specially the luscious tropical fruits ~ How I miss them and the sun beating mercilessly ~ Hey, I am on a break this month, smiles ~

  8. you’ve summed yourself up beautifully…love the colors, the sylvan setting, the concrete jungle, and my favorite “High-rise ego”…and the ultimate contrast different yet the same….

  9. Ah.. yes to live in all the elements of life.. are all the elements to life of us.. to become one with all of this.. is certainly to never lone.. without purpose of a sunset day.. that never ends.. in hues of colors.. instead of black and white..:)

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