Can we go there, brother?

Today we may have
An esoteric wall,
Amid bloodline.

Today we may have
A desert
Between us,
insurmountable, that one.

Still what we share is
More than a photo
or that scar
On the right knee.

And there will always be
A sweet tooth,
Or dad’s old diary

We are more akin, than
We’d like to believe,
For the same road
Will always take us home.

Today on Dversepoets pub, our guest bartender Jennifer has write us about brotherhood. Please join us to read some wonderful poetry.


14 thoughts on “Brethren

  1. Abhra, I think you have expressed well something about brothers. Though there may be differences there are things shared which are undeniable….and that last stanza about the road leading home is so very true!

  2. Very touching, brother. For some reason I envisioned Israel, & two boys, one Jewish & one Arab, growing up as brothers. I guess your poetics has such an authentic ring to it, it could apply to several scenarios.

    • wow, well – yes I didn’t think that way. I took this photo some time back during a city walk. I don’t even know if they were actually brothers, but made me feel that probably they were. I think we can apply the theme to many brothers who have been separated.

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