The Open Letter

I choose to write this open letter to Brian and Claudia, who over time, has helped me emerge as a poet.

By the time you read it,
the envelope might already be opened.
Smell of handmade paper,
Diluted, the stamp
Washed – and
Post office seal – smudged
Won’t be freshly woven
old world charm,
Such joy letters were,
Weren’t they?

You showed me where poetry begins
That they have feet,
Walks past the backyard garden
Meets strangers in the city lights
Sips into earthy caffeine –
And those deep lust
We paint red
Are as solemn as a
Platonic hand-holding

Stray emotions are not centerpiece
I’d have thought
Until, you showed me the bird
On my window,
Give me wings
– a true confluence of
Randomness and pattern
Formed the cynosure
Of my world,
A continuum of harp and crooning

No, I am not writing a tribute,
Too lame for that
It’s a letter, to the world, open
Thought this might
Illustrate to
Poetry isn’t born
Where they see,
But where they don’t.

Join me on my own poetics prompt for Dversepoets. Happy writing.

29 thoughts on “The Open Letter

    • Yes, Gabriella – many times I look back and amaze how her poetry made me see things as I see them today. I am indebted to her and Brian.

  1. I really like the idea that the bird on your window could give you wings. Nicely stated. We can find poetry anywhere…even so close to home. And yes, poetry has feet. Smiles.

  2. Like Mary, my favorite lines are /until, you showed me the bird/on my window/could/give me wings/. This piece is both bang on for your prompt & a lovely tilt of the pen to Claudia & Brian. In the last several years I feel that I have attended a Master’s class in Poetry, thanks to them, & all the rest of we dVerse dogs that run in this international pack.

  3. “Thought this might
    Illustrate to
    Poetry isnโ€™t born
    Where they see,
    But where they donโ€™t.”

    What a beautiful and perfect reminder. Thank you!

  4. I LOVE this and especially love it is addressed to Claudia and Brian, who so deserve much appreciation. I especially love the lines about seeing the bird on the window sill, and poetry being born, not where we see it, but where we dont. This is really brilliant, Abhra!

  5. a fine prompt, and a fine thankyou. I think I’ll revisit this form – my first attempt was not so strong, but I see the fine jobs everyone is delivering and it inspires me.

  6. So, so beautiful this one: a delicate balance, each word so exquisite and fitting, so many great lines, although the ones that resonated with me most (because that’s the way I feel too about Brian and Claudia’s work):
    Stray emotions are not centerpiece
    Iโ€™d have thought
    Until, you showed me the bird
    On my window,
    Give me wings

  7. Oh, I just loved your last three lines!
    You’ve managed to explain something to me by those lines. So I thank you ๐Ÿ™‚

    I also liked your letter idea but didn’t feel all that poetic this time.

  8. ah that made me smile… sorry it took me so long to get here…
    poetry is often born where we don’t see – and yet see so much more… how true.. love that part with poetry having feet esp. and how the bird on the window could give wings… poetry is so often found where we expect it least – isn’t it..?
    i have written to your prompt but due to a business trip couldn’t post – will post tomorrow and link it with oln

    • Hey Claudia – I just wanted to say thank you to you – in my own way, I wanted to do this for a very long time – but couldn’t until now. Thanks a lot. and I am happy that it made you smile.

  9. So true.. the poetry of humans is born in emotions and senses.. and words and letters are an expression of human nature and all of the rest of that and is..

    Winging it along a bird a fly never knowing down or up is to truly fly..:)

  10. Awww – that is a wonderful letter, and I hope Brian and Claudia get to read it. And I hope that they know many, in fact probably all of us feel the same way. And you’ve written it so beautifully, artfully. Kudos Abhra.

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