Johny ate all the sugar


Today I am a fountain of colors, a bundle of joy
Apple of your eyes
Tomorrow moon, may be
And then stars.

Every day, I grow a millimeter daddy,
A millimeter
That you can’t see
Or measure, like I gain a
Grain of mischief,
You won’t like to believe.

You trick me papa
By hiding
The twinkle stars
Behind cloud,
Or so you say.

When the puppy woofs at me
I don’t feel scared,
I just want to hug you,
You are my Humpty –

And Johny ate all the sugar, papa
Not me
Why can’t you find him
And see his mouth?

Mary has us write beautiful poetry and I chose to write about the greatest joy of my life, my daughter Rupu – who started her kindergarten earlier this month and came back home with her first rhyme.

Join us to read some wonderful poetry.

19 thoughts on “Johny ate all the sugar

  1. Oh, Abhra, this is so very endearing. What a handsome son! And I love that he was a ‘fountain of colors.’ You have really captured the ‘beautiful’ language of childhood. I enjoyed hearing you read it too! A poem to keep for your son when he is older…smiles.

  2. ah, there is beauty in these lines and she discovered her first rhyme..smiling..perhaps there is a poet inside of her..I like the part
    about the puppy woofing and how she just wants to be in your arms..
    that is beautiful..

  3. This poem warms my heart – at her innocence and being so well-loved by her daddy, and by you calling her the greatest joy in your life. She is so lovely, cherish every fleeting moment.

  4. The poem is sweeter than the inside of Johny’s mouth, & I love that you wrote it from Rupu’s POV; never an easy task, brother, but obviously you have no difficulty role playing since you communicate so well with her youthful soul.

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