At the edge of the world,
Lives a peace keeper,
Knows all,
Sees all~

Plunge into quietness with him,
Think – how trifles made you small,
Thrive –
Don’t let clambers soot your vitality,
Or, age tarnish your soul-

Sail through tranquil,
Unblind yourself to colors
You’ve never seen-
Stand at the edge with him,
Perceive his ethereal presence

You’ll know
Boundaries do not exist,
Other than the ones
You make.

Victoria is one of my favourite poets in Dverse. Today in her last creative prompt on Meeting The Bar – she has us write poetry with rich use of verbs. Please join us to read some wonderful poetry.

This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda. Picture courtesy: Reetam Banerjee.

17 thoughts on “Beyond

  1. Whew, this poem gave me chills, Abhra. I visualize that peacekeeper. I like the message that boundaries do not exist, other than the ones you make. So true….and I wonder what would happen if we made no boundaries!

  2. Boundaries do not exist,
    Other than the ones
    You make.

    Beautiful lines. And it’s so true. Concept of freedom and bondage are within us only, nobody can impose them on us.

  3. Ah.. yes the mind is a wonderful thing to loose.. in light of all that can be in flow.. without stumbling blocks of words.. to prevent one from letting go.. to sail across the sun in starlit eyes of truth.. that words alone.. will never know..:)

  4. what a beautiful and uplifting poem… live a life free of prejudices….to break the restrictive walls of chambers… move beyond boundaries…..the peacekeeper is a trope that just pulls you into poem head-on….just WOW……

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