IMG-20150222-WA0001You thought, you started a fire
That cannot die
I thought ocean was unfathomable

– it isn’t
Incessant rain
May be truth,
At some part of the world,
Perpetual love isn’t

You can rive my forehead
And mark me with
Vermillion *
On my hair parting,
To instigate your libido
I will inscribe my own heart

If needed, every day
As it beats on,
Don’t want to stumble upon someone
And repent, I didn’t have a moment with him

My aeon dwindles to moments,
…..You wouldn’t understand
………………Not today,
……………………….Not ever.

Tonight on Dversepoets Poetics, Anthony has us write confessions – about personal truths that are louder than ever. I had to borrow the narrative of a very good friend, who has not only shared her views with me but her new tattoo as well. I dedicate this poem to her.

* Sindoor (vermilion) is the mark of a married woman in Hinduism. There are two interpretations of it – one it increases libido and secondly it is a tradition by which men used to mark their women, after conquering them. I don not know which is true for this tradition.


15 thoughts on “Forever

  1. I love the self-determination present in this: “I will inscribe my own heart.” So very powerful!!! And, also very timely with International Women’s Day just a couple days ago 🙂

  2. Well, I guess all fires can die…or at least fade a bit with time. Interesting story about the vermilion. I wonder about the history of this tradition.

  3. I always find it interesting to see that mark of red on the woman’s forehead – that she is married most likely by tradition ~

    But good for her to find her own heart and follow the beat ~

    Good to see you Abhra ~

  4. perpetual love…that not being truth makes me sad a bit…I like how you touch on thngs that many accept as fact and how you move a bit more personal as you go along as well abhra…

  5. Oh! This was great. Love and marriage is different at times. I was never sure about the significance of sindoor – maharashtrian weddings don’t have it.

  6. Forever is but a blink on a cosmic scale. When someone says, “I will love your forever,” as a marriage vow, or just while in lust, it has the meaninglessness of “have a nice day”. A strong & touching take on the prompt, allowing we on the other side of the planet some valuable insights.

  7. Wonderful imagery. When the heart is given it blossoms because it is still alive. When the heart is taken it is cut off from life and withers.

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