Won’t lit a candle for you tonight
Would be too meek,
Or, borrow your words
Wouldn’t make much of a difference
Now that you’re gone-

Who were you?
A voice
Who believed peace can be written-
In a world where
Evil and ignorance

They might have decimated you,
And claimed
That the scythe
Has now achieved immortality,
But I am not afraid,
For those holding the scythe
Are outnumbered
By those, who aren’t-

Lend me some of those cinders
From your heart
If you can-
No, I won’t lit a torch for you
Not tonight,
I’d be one.

Join me on my first poetics prompt on Dverse 2.0 tonight, where I want you to write about Avijit Roy. Doors open at 3 PM EST.

27 thoughts on “Embers

    • For some reason I could not open the general comments so will post here. Yes, all any of us can do is our best as individuals and to be a torch or a source of light is a gift beyond recognition as often as not.

    • The thing is I almost knew him – I mean I did know someone who was his friend, this is the closest to terrorism I felt in my whole life. I can not tell you how it unsettled me,

  1. This is a wonderful tribute. Not to light a torch, but to be one. I love that those holding the scythe are outnumbered by those who arent. A powerful and potent poem. Loved it!!!!!

  2. Such a significant prompt, Abhra. I’m still chewing on it and right now it’s almost too big for me to write of. That last line nailed it. I often ask myself if I would have the courage to die for my beliefs. I hope so.

  3. Very Zen, sir; be the torch, don’t just carry it; hey, we both used the word “dovetail” in our poems; cool. I think you had a typo on “peace”. Heavy duty important prompt as inaugural poetics, brother; thanks for pushing my buttons.

  4. The torch of freedom knows no fear.. and truly never burns out as long as it is recognized as light and not darkness…

    You friend is light.. and in celebrating freedom that light is you.. and him again..

    As freedom lives on in the eyes of friend..:)

  5. My brother had an exclamation that I’ve used a lot: “These humans!” I feel your pain, and share it. Killing for religion is a concept that totally escapes me.

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