Mystique & I

SecretMy secret definitely has a shadow,
An enticing form, lush – yet
A demure persona, only
Answers to sobriquet ‘**’ (can’t say what)

We share a night and many
Beads of rain on her face,
All that scintillation,
that’s her smile~

She ignites a flare in my listless self
Finds a cloak-and-dagger passage
From the grim reality,
To sublime dreams of coitus

Sometimes she leaves in the morning,
Wearing my caress,
Imbued with my sweat, casual whiff
Sometimes she doesn’t leave at all


Aftermath of our clandestine meetings,
Linger as an infidelity charm
Around my ring finger,
So long as I hold the pen

And the secret writes herself

Join me on my own poetics prompt at Dversepoets on 13th January – first time this year, where I invite you to write about secrets. Doors open at 3 PM EST. I think I left enough hints here. Photo Credit: Reetam Banerjee


23 thoughts on “Mystique & I

  1. the best kind of mistress to have, brother; brilliant illustration of your prompt; terrific poem too; as a writer, I love it /when sometimes she doesn’t leave at all/.

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