Blood Birth

This solstice, like every year
We were waiting for the star(s)
To show up at nightfall, as man-made
Glittery, ornate silver pieces
Shone on our
trees, and candles
Burned on the porch

When He graced His presence
we adorned Him with a crown,
thorn-ed with
our anguish
and today,
A whiff hushed out the candles
– and no new star appeared,
Innocence gored by
tormented souls.

Come solstice, give us the strength
to forgive ourselves-
A hundred thirty of them didn’t die, today;
A hundred thirty of Him were born.

Remembering the brutal attack on Peshwar, for which I have no words to condemn. My piece for Gay’s MTB prompt on Dversepoets about birthday poems – a small tribute. Let there be light.


11 thoughts on “Blood Birth

  1. not because we deserve it….but grace….
    i hope we do find the strength to forgive ourselves…that seems a hard bridge to cross at times….so sad on the loss of life, you are right, there are no words…

  2. This brave poem addresses correctly the truth – that out of slaughter there is born a new commitment for reason, reconciliation, remembering and a season born in hope for peace on earth, good will to men. Thank you, dear. Have a wonderful Christmas and a happy new year.

  3. Machetes, sub-machine guns, zealots, jehadists, suicide bombers, slaughter of the innocent, holding the world for ransom, tenacious hackers, holiday fraud con men; a never ending cycle of greed, evil, & mind-numbing indoctrination. All since 9/11, making us forget the reason for the season; thanks for your glimmer of hope.

  4. Ahh.. the Christmas lights.. shopping.. and promise of gifts can bring lighter hearts to the dark of outside that is…

    And then it turns around and light comes back…

    in Winter Solstice death of life…

    and then.. at least in the U.S. eventually there is enough light..

    to not even entertain any federal Holidays in March and April.. LIGHT..

    and then one to remember in May.. and none for the longest days of light of all

    In June of living light like no other month brings for Life and creativity too…………:)

    Happy Holidays and an ever present now for you and yours as same..:)

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