The straight line

I wanted to draw a curve, lush
that could shape up
and ended up in a skew
almost scathing
Nowhere luscious

you can call that a failure
0r success,
How pointy objects
A few sharpies
and half baked thouhts
On my sketchbook

The longest love letter
I wrote
Was almost as pristine
as the white paper
I couldn’t cover up
in gibberish
You can call me a failure,
I guess

I wrote love, on her forearm
and been doing so
ever after.

I stammered, legs trembled
When I stood up
To speak
Almost blinded by spotlight
A stigma
But I had a winning cocoon,
They heard what I said
Not who

My child, when you grow up
you will see
both sides
of the coin are
Equally immodest
you, my dear, then have to curve your own straight line

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12 thoughts on “The straight line

  1. i think writing love on her forearm is cool…i guess in many ways it depends on your definition of success…if you won her heart with few words…then i would say you won…smiles. i like the texture of this with the curve of the straight line as wlel….

  2. Writing ‘love’ on a forearm truly is one special kind of love letter to write. And, yes, everyone needs to curve their own straight line….there are different kinds of winning for sure.

  3. Any straight line curves at the horizon, already has consumed its own tail, like music is math & metaphysics are love poems to the dark clouds that linger over some consumed by their fears, wearing hand-me-down emotions, with cardboard soles in their shoes. Damn foolishness to some is the breath of life for others. Love has come to nest in your chest; keep it safe, nurture it, honor it.

  4. “Equally immodest
    you, my dear, then have to curve your own straight line”

    Yes.. this is my favorite line.. as to curve a straight line in embrace of disinhibition is to know life…

    finally as free to me…:)

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