Memoirs of smell

891963_459999690743801_1285426968_oClose your eyes, extend arms –
Take a deep breath,
What is it that you feel
Is missing?

Memoirs – smell
Curling up through dense
winter fog; freshness
from kitchen garden
Flavour oozing out
of kitchen window –
warmly baked
rice powder cakes,

Savor it, sink into it
Succumb to the sin,
Feed your cravings with
Layers of rice flour wraps
and sweetened coconut,
Ah! those layers~
Tongue melting

Don’t cloy,
The diet chart you live on,
May not approve; but
Traces of those genes
Live in you,
Indulge that sweet tooth
you were born with

Open your eyes, slowly; a tidbit
Is right there on your tongue,
Can you not feel it?

Okay, you can call me a hedonist now……
I go by many names~

Join me on my on Poetics prompt – we are talking about foods that defines. Here I write about the famous Bengali homemade sweet dishes…luckily I found the right dish I wrote about from a friend’s photo album.

Photography: Suman Malaker

8 thoughts on “Memoirs of smell

  1. I knew you would write something delicious…I want to try one! Nice lead into the poem and I now wish I had done the same with one of my favorite foods…next time. The prompt was excellent..I just had a one track mind yesterday. Thanks, Abrah

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