New Moon

Sparkling Lights (ফুলঝুরি)Ignite, blaze and spellbind
O noble soul!

Charcoal, sulfur, potassium
Combustion, pressure and heat
in that order

Speak some vitality, valor
All it takes is
Aluminum, barium or iron dust?

O! Roman candle
Destined to finest pyrotechnics
As you may be

Don’t be parsimonious to luster
Send some light to those,
Who can only peer from shadows

World dark inks their azure
Today, new moon,
You can paint some stars

Real stars…..

Tony has us write list poetry on MTB. Join us to read some wonderful poetry. My entry talks about ‘Diwali’, the festival of lights and fireworks.

17 thoughts on “New Moon

  1. nice… we call them wunderkerze – wondercandle – always loved their sparkling fire rain when i was little – and still do.. love that you do think of those that are facing darker times as well – is the festival also about caring for the poor?

    • No it is not – but I can not think of our festivals as far too extravagant – this is something I like to carry as a social responsibility for writing and share the message on – so that at some stage it might strike some right chords.

      I couldn’t find proper English names for Indian firecrackers – Roman Candle seems to be closest by concept.

  2. What I liked most about this many-layered poem was I could hear the engineer’s voice, as well as the poet’s, lending authenticity to the piece; subtle list making too; nice use of the prompt while still promulgating your Festival.

  3. As a one-time chemist, I really love the details in this poem – all that effort to mimic nature for a few seconds.

    We have our own fireworks festival coming soon; Guy Fawkes night when we remember a failed attempt to assassinate the king by blowing up Parliament.

  4. It is late, but Happy Diwali nonetheless. marvelous description of fireworks (love fireworks!) and esp the reminder to bring some light to those who dwell in darkness. Thank you.

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