There was a window, only one
Albeit it
stormed in the thunder,
Heat waves
Or carried wintry frosts;
It was still the only one-

Like the room, lived by no woman,
Unlikely would ever be;
So unscathed of dainty lace
Was he himself, and
Uncouth, that
Blatantly he’d bare himself
To the
Meanness and malice,
jobbery, despotism, rape
You name it-

Blemish on his immaculate soul
Those ink-drop rains,
Yet he never contorted
His face.

A truce in the battle of good and evil
Was his window, and
He wasn’t the only one
Who kept it open.

Mary has us write news poetry on Poetics – and here is my piece, somewhat dark and metaphorical, but couldn’t help it coming. Join us at 3 PM EST to read some wonderful poetry.

28 thoughts on “Antithesis

  1. I like that the window is a truce in the battle of good and evil, Abhra. Windows are kind of neutral, I think & mediate what happens on either side. Plus the window can SEE so much – on both sides!

  2. hard not to keep it open…all that goes on around us has an effect on us whether we want to admit it or not…we do have to guard our entrances and portals though because things will slip in and take root and the next thing you know our hearts are hurting…

  3. Sometimes we just have to click off the TV news, shut the window, halt the cacophony, or we will go mad, like too many rats in a maze; desensitized, hardened, other-directed, obsessed with
    celebrities; nice take on the prompt; some of us are guilty by association it seems.

  4. It seems to me this.. is acceptance of the dark.. and being open to it.. knowing one can never likely change it.. to their satisfaction of light….

    The world is such a big place.. for any human being to try to fully take it.. particularly the dark parts that can bring us down…

    But with a stoic face.. and a heart that’s free.. perhaps the fearless ones.. can hold back the dark.. and keep the light growing.. where stoic faces stand…:)..

    still.. free! to window the light!

  5. Interesting, this window, it does seem to be like a TV, but he seems removed from reality, and even more interesting how he bares himself, let’s his soul be tainted by the rain of the outside world, unflinchingly … Is he numb to it?

  6. I like this. I didn’t see it as dark, but rather as truth. I think we all have that window that remains open. I got the impression the man watches but doesn’t go outside. I think we need to go outside and get the full view, then do something valuable. Wish we all would.

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