All that drunkenness

Captive, of the zebra paint –
black and white
lies of life

Rattling of the chain
smells freedom,
Door opens on the inside

Leeway to greater us,
Bereft of vanity,
heartstrings harp

That drunkenness-
Harmony we write
and swoop again

We’re chained to the gang of rhythm
The song is never done.

On Dversepoets, Anthony has us write spirit of music. Join us and read some wonderful poetry. I am sharing the song that inspired me to write this one.

19 thoughts on “All that drunkenness

  1. of the video is not available so i done have a frame of reference…made me think though of the slave chants from the field hollas…and of course chain gang music…singing for freedom…

  2. The form is strong, the music pounding in the words; watched the video after reading the piece thrice, found it interesting mix of blues & modern pop, but your poem stands alone, rife with more life than ten vids; excellent job on the prompt, sir.

  3. AHH.. THE FREEING PROPERTIES.. of rhythm and song…

    And truly as i dance wherever i go..

    i sing in dance to the song..

    of the prisoners..

    as they

    shuffle along..:)

    inviting them to jump in and share..

    freedom in rhythm.. song.. and dance..
    but only the young.. it seems.. dare partake of the gift of much older..
    grown young..
    yes.. once again…in spirit of dance in soul..
    that truly CAN NEVER GROW..
    old..:)unless told…..:(:)!

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