Goddess in preparation - Kumortuli

A rattan frame – those my bones, and mud
That’s my flesh
Clayey, fresh river soil
Not the grainy, sandy type
That doesn’t cling to a form,
The lustre – that’s sandpaper and varnish
All those paints – my apparel
Voluptuous – that’s a woman
In the eyes of a male sculptor,
But, who has ten hands?

Okay, I am a woman brought to life
The daughter, of the great mountain
Mother of four
Super children,
A compulsive husband
You give me a family
One can only imagine,
Four days of grandeur – short lived, but
Who doesn’t like a new life and home?

Then, the strangest thing happens
You kneel,
Pray for beauty, victory and glory
Wait, as if
My silence
Would grant you all; I am
A clay idol, a symbol, at best
But a deity,
One who rides a lion?

Every year, we spend
An awful lot of time
Trying to speak to one another
In a language,
That none comprehends-
Answers, if that’s what you seek
Lie within you, not me-

The fun, frolic, homecoming
And this grand reception?
– Amen to that.

Tonight – I am going to host Poetics on Dversepoets pub – join me to write your rewrite mythology in modern day context. I set the background on Durgapuja. The clay idol of ‘Durga’, the Goddess, is created, worshipped for four days and then immersed in the river. In many occasion the remnants of the idol is pulled out of river to be used next year and that has been the inspiration of this poem.

27 thoughts on “Amen

  1. i like the wisdom of your deity…in needing to seek the answers within yourself…the descriptions of her creation or parts in hte opening stanza is really cool…i like th rattan skeleton…and the almost curiousity and surprise at being made into a deity….cool piece….

  2. Sounds like a wonderfully festive time, Abhra. I liked learning a bit about this festival & the idea that everyone is seeking answers, everyone in their own way. Enjoyed the last stanza with its fun and frolic; and indeed “Amen to that.”

  3. cool on the answers lying within oneself – and oh when my three kids were small – believe me – i would’ve loved to have ten arms and hands – to do all the things at once – but maybe we should leave that to the gods – right? smiles

  4. I like the deity you choose. Everyone seems to have some sort of an idol. Interesting that she has no need for assistance with 10 arms and hands. She is very festive? I am not posted on this one yet.

    • Thank you – it is because of the festivities here around this point of time. I made this piece a little sarcastic to be honest – she is not festive, but we are – and I think that it needn’t require such immensely wasteful efforts….

  5. Festivities on the one hand but an education no less. One learns to be tolerant and cooperating with others as life’s lessons. Thanks for the insight into your elements of mythology. Great write Abhra!


  6. As a mother of four, I related to the “four days of grandeur” and ascribed them to the birthing days – then the long haul of raising them day to day. Smiles. I love the image of her riding a lion. Well done, Abhra and a cool prompt, too.

  7. I was really struck by the line “that’s a woman
    In the eyes of a male sculptor,” I confess that I am woefully ignorant of your mythology, so thank you for giving a bit of education, both in your poem, and in your prompt!

  8. Ha. A wonderful prompt and such terrific photographs, thanks! Also–I really enjoyed your poem and take on Durga, or any devotion of that kind–in a sense, they too are animating the statue, and so are you. k

  9. I’d say most women have ten hands – or behave as though they do…
    Great to hear the voice of the idol – I really like what you did here. Reminds me a bit of Mothers’ Day – let’s celebrate the poor dear once a year and then hush forevermore…

  10. there are those TV commercials of women making clones of themselves to manage the never ending chores of their professional & personal lives; I, too, am happy to learn more about your festival. Some of the paintings & statues of Durga are quite beautiful. Hope you find time to stop by my site today; terrific prompt, sir.

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