Today, I am dusk for one last time
The mellow light on the fence,
Birdie shaking water off wings
Perched on the Hawthorn
By my window.

I have to get going – soon. Pack my bags, dump the old stuffs, donate whatever possible and hand over the keys to the landlord. I will not walk around the green patch in this calm neighborhood, wave at those children, smile at the old lady next door or the new mom who smokes from the balcony. I will not hear the Friday night hard rock, local weekend boxing, chirping of starlings or the magpie cry. The couch I have sunk into slumber or played with my daughter- will no longer be important. The big, fat, lumpy cats – yes, will miss them too.

Today, I am the monsoon wind
Crossing continents, or
The equatorial ocean current

You can’t stop me even if you want
Today, I am going home.

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17 thoughts on “Homecoming

  1. that has got to be a good feeling…the going home…and its funny there are things we think we will miss…or wont miss…and later it will probably the little quirky things that you actually remember….smiles.

  2. smiles… all the best for your trip home abhra – i can imagine that you’re gonna miss the one or other thing but being home finally will more than outhweigh it

  3. Wonderful description of severing ties with the emotional and physical goods of a temporary home as you file away permanent memories and eagerly embark on your return home.

  4. Beautiful. This poem takes me to homecoming on two levels–the one that moves from temporary to permanent home (please don’t abandon the cats!)–and the one that moves from life into death or another transformation. In the latter, maybe we will even let go of our used shell so glad are we to go home!

  5. I love the form, haibun or not; may try to use it myself one day; even without a dVerse prompt to do so. The poem is rife with rich details mostly only noticed by poets/writers–others do not focus on things, their gaze on tomorrow, on the horizon; enjoyed your sharing.

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