The reverse story

Painting on water
Writing on glass?
– love whims,

Name on stone walls?
And the full moon my freedom,
The sand in my nails – my patience,
Name on stars, my revenge.

Whatever you call it,
Beautiful barrels
Smell of gunpowder
– The gun in my hand is power.

The blood in my hand is revolution
Ablution to forgiveness.

Tonight on Dversepoets, Claudia has us write bold metaphors. I dedicate this poem to the great Bengali poet, Sukanta Bhattacharya – who once wrote, “Poetry, we do not need you any more. A world devastated by hunger is too prosaic, The full moon now reminds us of toasted bread”.

Join us to read some wonderful poetry.

9 thoughts on “The reverse story

  1. From the gentle, dreamy start to the very pugilistic finale – what a great poem, beautifully expresses that feeling of impotence of just words… and yet, and yet…

  2. I like the progression of your poem. It starts out with love & loneliness & travels the path to blood & power. Very effective use of metaphors, Abhra.

  3. heck…Sukanta Bhattacharya.. have to check out their work… and sometimes words seem never to be enough.. and sometimes they do have to be replaced by action

  4. There are some very nice visuals in this piece. It has an almost quiet and whimsical start, but turns at the end. I like the contradiction.

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