Two lives

With protest from Egypt

Today I scribble peace, love, harmony
On a piece of paper
Because it’s easy.

Before her hymen was gored by a rod
She was deflowered,
She lost strength

Before she was screaming,
Her clothes were torn
And her words failed her.

All the world’s a battle, &
Lives across a thin line
Face triumphs, or defeats.

Stories are made, narrated
Till they become legends
and the losers – villains.

That’s what we want to hear
And words fail, every time
The other side is silenced

Tonight on MTB, Brian asked us : So what do you believe of language? which is it? the best tool? does language fail? Answer that, or perhaps tell us a time language failed you. or maybe when you found just the right words.

May be I sound way too sad tonight – may be that’s what I feel. I can not write peace even if I want to.

16 thoughts on “Two lives

  1. writing peace love harmony is def easier than living…and giving them…
    god that second one ripped me up…turned my stomach…ugh…you left me wordless with that one…

  2. Too many sad news that I don’t even want to read about them ~ I have a daughter so I can relate to the tragedy of the second part ~ Its easy to write of peace but hard to live with war & violence around us ~ Hey, hope you are well ~

  3. Strong writing here, Abhra. There really is so much pain and sadness in the world. So much of it we are silent about. Some of the awful things that happen are indeed ‘unspeakable.’

  4. You sound angry to me, and rightly so. keep writing the three words and poems like these. Get this poem and more out there full of art and passion and love.

  5. coming back to read again! this pinches hard and i must say so glad to be here reading this. Thank you Abhra. very very evocative. words fail me.

  6. This reminds me of the incident in Delhi last year and words do fail to describe the horror– although you’ve done a good job– but I think all the talking about that incident has made a difference– don’t you think? I don’t know but at least these things are being spoken of. Thanks, Abhra. K.

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