Heal thy world~

Time will tell your stories
May be not now, but someday it’ll
Relics, coins, even soil may speak out

Leader, tyrant, oblivion
You chose absolutely nothing
Every word you say
May be used
Against you

You may still live on
The ashes in incinerator
Or, remains in the casket
Forest, sand, riverbed

All those to be born
Out of wedlock, lust
Or rape,
Will still be your children
Sucker for love

Live, rein, rule or heal
Choose wisely
Watch what seeds you plant today
While you still can.

Tonight Shanyn has us write to imagine words as seeds. I know my words are no new and probably been said a thousand times, till there is no harm saying them a thousand times again, till we get there. Happy Tuesday everyone. Join us on Dversepoets Poetics.

9 thoughts on “Heal thy world~

  1. ah our seed will def come back to haul us…imagine for a second if we were held accountable to every word we said…my would we be in trouble…they all have consequences though…yes they do…smiles.

  2. you know… i love when the rulers reign and heal at the same time…using their power in the right way… we def. have to be careful what we sow

    • Yes, I agree – was not absolutely happy about the close – knew deep down, it wasn’t the end I wanted it to be.

  3. Aieee! We are far from perfect. But there are those who break others daily who don’t believe in retribution. Tell them again and again. I believe Michael Jackson made space for healing, for avoiding the monsters of the world. Despite all. I take your warning and love the song.

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