Messiahs of glass palace

The Werewolf Night

So on a December night
A shadow stops me
At the crossing of
Shakespeare and Bromham Road
“Hey, wait – do you have a pound?”
Shadow, and then a face to it
Luminous, little from the street lamp

“A pound?”
“Yes, a pound – you have it?”
“Yes, why do you ask?”
I look at my watch (getting late there)
Dinner is almost ready
Waiting on a plate

“I want to do business with you”
“Business, I really want to-”
“I don’t want to do any business with you”
“I have no money, you see
I have to.”
“Sorry I cannot help you-”

“I am not asking for money
I’ve to do business, you see
I have no place for the night-”
Now I see her hands have vitiglio
And it is really cold out there

“You have nowhere to take me?
You don’t want to do business with me?”
I shake my head
“Am I not pretty?”
Nod, but raise my hand
The ring on my finger
Shines, a persona she is

“You said you have a pound?”
She screams
I take the coin out of my pocket
Give away and run
And run
As if I can run away from the
Pernicious shame

Lived an allegory that night
The epochal woman
Not alone on the streets, duress
Neither the messiahs
Of glass palace
Who only aspire to open the door.

Tonight on Poetics Anthony wanted us to write based on the following words – I eventually used all of them.
Messiah Allegory Luminous Plate Shadow Door Persona Glass Vitiligo Epochal Pernicious Warmth

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18 thoughts on “Messiahs of glass palace

  1. i am glad the business you chose was one of compassion (even if under a bit of duress) as opposed to that of temptation, not all men would make that choice….

  2. Well this was quite a scene Abhra ~ I have seen women like that around here too ~ Kind of you to give her a coin and running away ~

      • Gabriella, I don’t know how to thank you enough. It hasn’t happened before when someone said – this poem is their favorite. So I can’t explain how great it feels when you say that. I would say this is a connection with reader, every writer would like to have. You make my day and inspire me to write better.

  3. I could feel the dark shadow lurking throughout the piece..the fight for survival that tears the heart apart. Better to give the coin and move along if you have it to spare.

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