Lady on the wall!

You make a riddle out of an answer

How do you say so much
With so little,
Effortlessly, you write on
Across time

A conjuror, are you?
You are working
Even if you are staring;
You speak to history
Promise to buds in the offing
You walk a path that doesn’t tire you
Or years, condemn

In affluence, or poverty
Success or failure
You read us out
Like an open book
Nothing is hidden
From you
Not even romance behind closed doors

you write so beautifully
the inside of your mind must be a terrible place

I have come across this line many a times – “you write so beautifully, the inside of your mind must be a terrible place”. I don’t know the source of it, to be honest. Tonight, when Mary wanted us to write on quotations, I couldn’t help penning this small tribute to the great poets I have ever admired.

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16 thoughts on “Tribute

  1. I enjoyed this, Abhra…a very fine tribute to poets. Indeed, I think, a poet’s mind is always working…..and a poet often speaks his/her mind BEAUTIFULLY! I appreciated your thought-provoking quote.

  2. ha. to know beauty you must also know its opposite…
    and some of the most beautiful come from those most troubled..
    perhaps creating a world better than their own….

  3. heck… i didn’t expect that close – what a quote – but i have heard of authors as well that had the most difficult lives and problems but just wrote the most amazing and beautiful books…

  4. There are some who claim that beauty comes out of madness, because nothing can be held in perfect symmetry for more than a cosmic moment. A mind is a terrible thing to waste, but I wonder if poets could write anything without the dynamics of conflict, chaos, & anger, mantled by, fooled by, tamed by love, tenderness, wonder, & questioning? Send a poet, not a reporter, into the fray, if you want the truth to emerge.

  5. What a great quote to base your poetry on.. and for sure I think the terrible place inside is what’s needed to be a great poet… there is for sure often a great contrast.. and how many poets have not committed suicide…

  6. Mind is a critical place where myriad emotions play and fight with each other…

    A nice quote and you’ve used it beautifully to speak for all those ‘terrible mind’ out there… 🙂

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