Veritas Omnia Vincit


“Okay – you are Himalayas, the magnificent
And I am no one

“Left behind a lot
Family, love, home
You didn’t lure me
I was drawn to you
Every step I took”

“No words were spoken
Of your men, women and children
I relived
Hardship, despair and frolic
In tranquil”

“Like every quest has a destiny
Has every wound a healing
But there is a lamp in my heart
You lit it”

“Are you my God?”
I cried
The words resonated
Till you came to live in me.

Tonight Sofia has us look deep inside and search for answers. This is my spiritual write – What lingers when all is said and done? My true belief, if there is a God, he lives in us. Join us to read some wonderful poetry.

Photo credits: Reetam Banerjee

29 thoughts on “Veritas Omnia Vincit

  1. wow…what a journey…i like how you build this through dialogue…and then the close is great…the repeating until you take those words into your heart….solid piece sir.

  2. this reminded me of the story in the bible where a man sells everything he owns to buy this one pearl that he knew he cannot live without… as bri says.. a solid piece abhra

  3. Wow, what a journey indeed! I like the way the questions trigger a dialogue in you. You take on the suffering, but also the majesty, and then really come to the core, the hub, the kernel beyond all artifice or experiences. Thought-provoking!

  4. I enjoyed your journey as well, Abhra…especially the idea that every quest has a journey and every wound a healing. And looking inside is the only way one can find one’s own answers to the important questions for sure.

  5. Spiritual journey – at some point we all travel that road. I love the

    “But there is a lamp in my heart You lit it”
    “Are you my God?” I cried
    The words resonated
    Till you came to live in me.”

  6. The answers to all the questions in the Universe are an inside job; damn right; and kudos for using conversation as the vehicle. I made the same choice with my piece. Many of us are not religious, avoid that like the opiate it is, but still are spiritual; feel the inner strength of the God within, the god spark we entered with, and will exit still grasping.

  7. I have visited this place in my teens now i want to go back to my hubby to see the beauty but it is also a challenge to visit the place

  8. Excellent gut response to the prompt…it seems to me it was something you were ready to write, a deep abiding feeling of growing faith..and to share…thank you for this sweet poem.

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