The Tree - Jelshoj

If I could only accept the quietus of my children
As I am left to breath on

If I could only stand up to the tempest,
Holding on to my roots
Watch my clan fall.

If only I could be the epitome of resilience
When they sever me,
Or, char my limbs-

Not frail, numb from emotive pangs
If I could crumble into nothingness, leaving
Foods, shelter.

The true king of all kings
In your beautiful kingdom
I’d then be, Gaia!

If only to be the green wreath
On your chest.

I am the bartender at Dversepoets on Tuesday’s poetics. Please join to read some wonderful poetry. Bar opens at 3 PM EST. Photography: Reetam Banerjee.

39 thoughts on “If

  1. Beautiful poem! The picture you chose to post with it is amazing and the combination makes me feel tiny in a huge world. A very enjoyable read.

  2. the green wreath of your chest…a king in nature…smiles…i know a few trees that could qualify….and its sad how many we take…and should give back, planting more…..

  3. I specially like the ending lines:

    If only to be the green wreath
    On your chest.

    Despite the tragedies, a wonderful homage to mother earth ~

  4. it’s tough to see those around us fall… and many a trees probably wished they could go with them… very nice metaphoric weave here abhra… looking forward to the prompt..smiles

  5. A fine elegant well-penned illustration of your prompt, Abhra; we have used trees as prompts in the past, but you have stimulated a plethora of poetics fresh & new; a nice 24 poets linked in within the first hour; thanks for hosting, sir.

  6. Ouch – it hurts to think of the scarring and chopping.
    I wonder if live things without eyes feel pain. It would be so easy to believe.
    Thank you fro the prompt. I could write more now.

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